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Posting display name change in this community forum

I plan to stick around
Silly questions but as you can see I have a random keyboard keys input as my name. I did some posts today and it's showing that silly name.. I did go to settings and personal info (only spot I can see where name spot is) and changed it to my name and saved it but it still shows the old garbled name. Why is this? Does it take time to update? I changed my avatar pic and that was immediate.. Or is that personal info not the correct spot to change community posing name and there is a different spot? If someone could help answer this that would be great. Thanks!
Paul C.

Re: Posting display name change in this community forum

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I don't believe you can change your username once you have chosen it, you might need the assistance of a moderator or administrator from Rogers community forums to help change it for you. this is probably why its not working.

The only spot in personal info that you can change related to your name is first name and last name, which is not your username and thats probably just if you want people to see it when they go to your profile.  Mine is blank so it has zero effect on your username

Re: Posting display name change in this community forum


Hello, @asdwggfasbadfe.


Thank you for your query; we can help in changing your username. As @Pauly mentioned, please drop us a line at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog




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