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Maintenance Notification

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By definition, maintenance is a planned activity and as such notification to ALL AFFECTED CUSTOMERS should be provided in advance. If you can send me a text AFTER maintenance has been completed, Rogers can advise us before shutting us off internet - 2 days down in one week for “maintenance” zero notice given by Rogers, can’t even say when it will be restored. My job depends on your service, that I pay for, for which you are not providing


Re: Maintenance Notification

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The maintenance team is generally the term used for the people doing more of the street level type work, on the poles, underground, the local nodes, etc.
Its possible there could be emergency maintenance needed (if say there was a problem at the node, something needed replacing, etc).

Are you on residential or business level service?
If you are needing more guarantees for uptime, etc for work, you should be looking at business grade internet.
Cost wise, usually is MORE, but they have service level agreements with them, where they more must guarantee uptime, etc.
(home service does not have these SLAs)

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