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I Plan to Stick Around
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Link to Contact Forum Staff

Recently we had quite a few login issues on this forum. It was also mentioned in some individual posts, certain forum members still can't login to the forum while most can by now. Some forums dedicate a certain open to the public thread or section, where anyone can post without login to communicate for example login, ban, or similar issues, if other means of communication with forum staff are unavailable. Other boards provide portal Administrator email contact, useful if login is unsuccessful.


Further, it come to many people attention, some forum members were claiming to represent other Rogers subscribers, who allegedly can not login to the forum, and therefore can't contact forum staff about account issues. Such representation claims were made without any proof, and may generally resemble hard to recognize social engineering attacks aimed at changing 3rd party account settings or eliciting info about the 3rd party account.


To improve forum safety and underscore subscriber account privacy stipulated by law and Rogers Terms of Service, I suggest to add Forum Admin email contact, so Rogers subscribers can directly contact forum staff about forum account problems when facing login issues, rather than ask 3rd parties to allegedly represent them. Published Rogers Portal WhoIs record contains email contact for Admin and to report Abuse (which may include mentioned social engineering attacks), but its hard to find for ordinary Rogers current and prospective subscribers, who experience problems to register or login to the forum. So adding a link on the forum to contact forum admin directly would improve service for those who permanently can't login.


Also, most forums I visited offer a list of Admins and Mods, and their areas of responsibility. So posters can choose which contact is better suited to deal with their particular issue. I wanted to discuss if it makes sense to post such a list on this forum? As well, the proposed forum admin link can be used to request a review of some staff actions or lack of action that a user may deem unfair, instead of contacting Rogers Management Office about it, since they in turn usually refer such cases to the Rogers Office of the President, and it can be overboard in many instances, as the forum admin can review them instead to ensure compliance with ToS and uniformity of such decisions.

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Re: Link to Contact Forum Staff

Good afternoon @arnym21,


Thank you for taking the time to present some great suggestions. For customers who do not have access to the forums, we are available on Social Media and can be contacted  via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Any inquiries related to the Rogers Community Forums will be communicated to our team.


Additionally, for any general or account/services related inquiries you can reach out to the Moderators by sending a PM to @CommunityHelps. The CommunityHelps inbox is solely managed by the Moderators.


Thank you for being part of the Community!





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Link to Contact Forum Staff

@RogersZia wrote:

Any general or account/services related inquiries you can reach out to the Moderators by sending a PM to @CommunityHelps.

Thanks for the update. Would it be possible to make forum PM access to that particular address available without login in? This way forum users having login or other account issues may request help without asking 3rd parties to be an intermediary, which is a valid privacy concern. I know social media is the king, but imagine that - some folks are so private they don't use social media much to advertise themselves, and it also depends on one's age, whether to prefer social media or forums. Smiley Happy


Also, the procedure should be in place to review staff actions, if a forum member requests it. I think its in Community and staff interests to allow local review requests processed by Forum Admin or Community Manager of certain staff decisions instead of pushing customers to escalate their complaints to Rogers Management each time they want a review. Smiley Wink The reality is - we all make mistakes at times, even judges do, hence the appeal process is usually part of any action, and the appealed decisions should not be possible to change by going on circles with different staff members.

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