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Windows 10 Upgrade


Hello, CommunitySmiley Happy


I’m one of those who are excited about Windows 10 and patiently waiting to receive the upgrade. I have 2 PCs, one running Windows 7 and the other Windows 8. I have registered both my PCs after getting the invite to register for Windows 10 upgrade (a popup in the system tray).


This would be the first time I would be upgrading the OS, I had always done a clean full install of the OS, not an upgrade.


I’ve built Windows 7 PC in 2010 and following are Key Specs:


Intel Core i7 860 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156 2.8GHZ 

ASUS Maximus III Formula P55


XFX Radeon HD 5770


Windows 8 was built in 2013 with the following specs:


AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor   ~3.5GHz

ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 


AMD Radeon HD 6450


I’m assuming the upgrade will be smooth on my both PCs and post upgrade I may have to update BIOS and other drivers as they become available for Windows 10.


I’m inviting all hardware, software and OS enthusiasts/experts in the Community to chime in to share the ideas to make the upgrade a pleasant experience.





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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

True, very true.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Yes, you can hide updates, but you need to know what they're for. This latest update (not optional) did not mention Windows 10. It said something vague, but I forget the wording. I did an eyeball search looking for KB3035583. I just think it's unacceptable for Microsoft to be doing that without making it obvious. People shouldn't have to analyze every Windows update to make sure that the Win 10 nag isn't there again.


This whole issue would have been OK if Microsoft had made the Win 10 download an actual download that a user could save for another time. Instead, it automatically installs it following the download. That, plus it consumes a huge amount of time before everything completes. I wasted a lot of time on this and had to recover my system from a backup afterwards. Thankfully, I'm diligent about them and run one every day.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Recently I heard, in terms and conditions - Microsoft can check all your files whenever they want. 😐 Best option is to run linux if you don't want 3rd parties looking at private pictures documents and videos... pretty scary.

I got to validate how true that is though.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Unbelievable. Just got another Windows update notification and, guess what? There's only 1 "important" update. The wording is "Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3035583)". Once again, it's the Win 10 upgrade nag.Smiley Mad


I hid the update, so that should be the end of it, but time will tell.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Anyone seen the new Terminator? This feels like the GENESIS OS

We are in for the deep side of it all lol

@jimboden - they are gonna keep trying. switch to linux 🙂 - you could always do dual boot as well.

I am waiting officially for Win 10 to be fully baked before I step in, I am not into being "ahead of the line" anymore... tired of too many updates too often. *sigh*

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

I have done two systems so far, no issues here.
I think each person will have different luck, based on driver availability, etc.. EARLY 7 machines may not have 8+ drivers which will convert/work with 10, etc. (espeically early laptops).


Generally.. no compatability issues either software wise, etc.. anything that works on 7 working here on 10.


Only thing i am really waiting on, is the change back to SMART FILES for Onedrive (as right now it trys to sync my whole 1tb storage :P)

As for them viewing everything on your PC..
I wouldnt necessarily got that far...
It all depends on the privacy settings you have set up.. they can view most other things.. searching, browsing, etc habbits, etc... IF that stuff is turned on.
By default, MOST of that is on... but when choosing advanced setup, can turn most off.
Only thing i have left on is the stuff needed for Cortana.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade



Its nice to hear that you had no issues with the upgrade to WIN 10,

Question. How long did it take to complete the upgrade ?

I am currently running a WIN 8.1 on a Lenovo, it us very new I only got it about 2 months ago.

I have little to no files saved on it right now.

Any bugs you feel WIN 10 needs to still work out?

What do you find is the biggest difference between  8.1 and 10.

I heard VPN is not compatible .... any other software not compatible with WIN 10?



Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Privacy, The final frontier.
The whole EULA thing was a fun false panic.

Also @silentstorm88 WELCOME to the community :]

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade



Thanks :).

I do not understand what you mean .....

"Privacy, The final frontier.
The whole EULA thing was a fun false panic."

Smiley Sad

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Star trek reference - "Space; The Final Frontier."
As in an adventure of not knowing what's up ahead.,

The whole End-User License Agreement (EULA)? Blogs and New sites creating a consumer panic about how Microsoft can see all your files and can hand it over to authorities without your consent if authorities ask for it.
They misinterpret 1 line and took that line out of context. Making people feel uncomfortable about privacy.

but the truth was, Microsoft was speaking of the Cloud service (OneDrive), which EVERY company has, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive AND Microsoft OneDrive.

They can access your files (not by a person but by a diagnostic tool) that validates and checks for any thing that is against policy, no copyright infringement (movies /music), no nudity of any kind (enforced after iCloud Celebrity hacks), no torrents / hack tool but they can't just hand it over to authorities. Only if they get a proper court order.

Moving on... lol

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

It took just under 2 hours i think for my upgrade?

Generally, no i dont really see any bugs.  (other than some things on my DOMAIN machine, which i think are that they are blocked when on a domain).

It works well.  Everything opens SMOOTH and FAST.  Even on that older machine.

The new start menu, is not QUITE windows xp/7 ish.. I tend to like it.. a good mix between 7 and 8.


As for the VPN.. it may only be specific ones that dont work?
I know my VPN to work, works just fine.

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Still afraid to even have my main desk top upgraded.
I shall wait for "Service Pack 1" (they aren't calling it that) lol

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

I upgraded mine to WIN 10, I must admit I like it a lot ! and I do see an improvement in my PC 

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

I want ABSOLUTE perfect OS, that never needs upgrading and never needs new parts....
my wishes are 3 centuries early probably.... ah well lol

I really do like how it looks too!

Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

Hey @ShakTiburon,

Now that the November update is out (almost like a SP), what do you think of Windows 10? For me, the biggest new feature of that last update was they bought back the ability to have colour in your windows title bars...a small thing, but my eyes were bleeding staring into bright white everywhere, all the time! With more than a few windows open, you would sometimes forget which window was in the foreground/the active window because they all looked almost the same (background / inactive windows had grey text on the title bar instead of black). 


I am still loving it, even given some of the privacy implications of having Cortana turned on. 

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