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There is no connected Camera Error Macbook

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Hi, My Macbook pro is showing this strange error lately. If I try to launch the Macbook camera I get there is no connected camera error. This used to happen previously as well but the problem went away by itself. However, this is the time it has been three days and I am stuck with the issue. I am not sure if this is a right community to ask about Macbook related queries, but any possible solution would be appreciated. Thanks. 


Re: There is no connected Camera Error Macbook

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Hello @Srisantp

Hmm seems to be a software error for the camera or to turn on. Have you tried to see if the drivers need updating?.

Have you tried to contact Apple Mac Support and see what they say? That is your best way to resolve this. You can also post on the Apple Community forums and many there may have the resolution you are trying to find!
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