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Question for a Gamer and Movie Watcher... O__o

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Okay okay okay...


Warning... This Whole thing has to do with Last of Us Game and The Maze Runner Sequel. It has spoilers. Infact this whole topic is filled with spoilers.



Click here for details

So I have played Last of Us

Epic Game. Amazing story line... and even though playing it again is same story, It is a good one.


But I must say... to anyone who has played Last of Us... and watched The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials...


DOES ANY ONE SEE THE SIMILARITIES? Or is it just me? The Infected ~ Like runners and clickers? The fact that the cure is in their BRAIN?! I mean... REALLY?!

I was excited because it was LIVE ACTION Last of US to me lol
Pretty fun to be honest!

What do you all think? Did you see the one that chased them up the building? How closely it was designed just like the runners in the game?

I mean, we were missing bloaters.
What about the scene before that? The sewers? How there was the vines growing from infection? THAT had to be a 100% copy...

The scientist discussing how the cure is the uhh... whatever liquid is in our brain (forgot the word) and that they need to find a permanant version o___o" OMG!

I was rocking off my seat! (That and I was on DBOX at Cineplex, which was rocking on its own. LOL)



Re: Question for a Gamer and Movie Watcher... O__o


Hello, @ShakTiburon


Wow! I agree a lot of spoilers. Smiley Happy Anybody in the Community has played these games yet?



Re: Question for a Gamer and Movie Watcher... O__o

Never played last of us, as its a PS game and i dont own the system..


But was watching some videos, etc.

On potentially HOW POSSIBLE it could happen >.>

Is an actuall fungus out there... currently only goes after incects... but if it mutated...





Re: Question for a Gamer and Movie Watcher... O__o

The biggest problem I have with you @Gdkitty ... is you bring facts to the table and creep me right out! LOL


That fungus is gonna be our doom! I guarantee you, some government is testing it already... everyone wants to weapon-ize everything. dear god lol

All joke aside...
The game is pretty good, you might like it, there is a rumor Last of US 2 is in the works...
I am excited, the game play was very nice - the graphics and cinematic are same engine and they look amazing.
I think all games by NaughtyDogs are great.
Uncharted and now this.

my main point was though, how the adaptation of Last of Us was used in the movie...

Maze Runner book came out first, but I don't think it described the way they showed on movie. that fungus thing... is still giving me shivers...

alsdjr3lk2jradsl ewwwww....



Edit: I did more reading on the Cordyceps fungus ... and I guess that what the game was intending to show anyway, I missed that point when I played it... oops.

Oh man that makes this whole thing a lot scarrier... lol >__<"

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