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Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Does anyone go to Anime conventions?


And if so, any one Cosplays? eh eh? 😄


I have an old pic lying around... I'll post it but I am embarassed 😞


Topic created cause Anime North is this weekend (Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th) at Toronto Congress Center in Toronto (which is really north etobicoke; and before anyone says it, yes I also know their staff are all volunteers who are rude to anything that moves, breathes or asks them a question lol)


Also, I have NEVER been to FanXpo... o__O am i missing out? I am aren't i?


Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @ShakTiburon


Last Anime show i watched was Dragon Ball ZSmiley LOL


I have never been to a Anime Convention but i have seen pictures and it looks awesome!


Do we have any Anime fans in the Community?



Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Well, They are bringing back Dragon Ball series...
The next series will be based on AFTER Dragon Ball Z

Since Dragon Ball GT didn't actually exist (Its Professional Anime but Fan-Made per say)

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

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Retired Moderator

I used to be hugely involved in the scifi/fantasy convention crowd, back in the the 90's and early 2000's. I was part of the committee for the Montreal con, Con*cept, and would do a yearly circuit going to Arisia (Boston), Ad Astra (Toronto), DragonCon (Atlanta). Those were super-fun, allowing for cosplay, panel discussions, and rubbing elbows with authors, artists, and personalities in that genre.


I did try Anime North and FanExpo 3 years ago, but those are not the same. They feel much more impersonal and commercial than the smaller cons I mentioned above, focusing more on merch than on the actual scene. The only exception was DragonCon, that is a huge convention, but since it grew out of being a small one, it retained that true-geek spirit and community.


I think it's still worth checking out, the cosplay at Anime North is absolutely amazing, but for my money, I still prefer the smaller, more literary cons.

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Oh god, yes, Anime North has become more Merch based than the community itself.

Cosplay got better. People put more effort in there design but the Anime north specifically is mostly runned by Volunteers who get "Gifts" as incentive (which is valued at Weekend-pass buyback and a plushie). Not exactly trained on soft skills as their complains pile up a lot. Since my Bestfriend actually sets up shop there annually, I have come to learn to avoid the volunteer staffs lol

Going back to Anime itself.
I recently watched 'Kill la Kill' - don't watch it, if the humour doesn't catch you in the first few episodes then I don't recommend it.

Also has any one watched MONSTER? more adult-serial-killer thriller story, and I wanted to know if there is any other anime like that out there?

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

I am a HUGE anime watcher 🙂  I still watch about.. 7 or so series per season 🙂

All that being said..  specially since i got married, and now a son.. i rarely get out to anything anymore 😞
Went to fanexpo last year.. but that was the first one  in a while 😞 

Only Cosplay i have done in the past, was a Full Metal Alchemist soldiers uniform.


I have never seen MONSTER.  Never really got into Kill la kill.  But i HAVE seen alot..
Lets put it this way... ontop of my 50+ 6hr vhs tape and 50 DVD collection... i have over 2tb of computer format anime 🙂  If you can list any previous shows/genres that you like, i can list some similar type ones maybe

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Holy wow... you have a lot of anime collection.
Now to put it to cloud so you can access it anywhere! lol

Dragon Drive was a good show as well.
When i was younger, i wanted a house on the street Dragon Dr just because of the Anime. Haha such a childish thought...

There are so many anime to list.
I am Bleach Fan to be honest - The only thing I cosplayed as was Grimmjow...

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Ugg... while bleach is.. passible... i am sort of ANTI serialized anime...
Dont like any of them.. Naruto, one piece, etc....  I think it's the DBZ sindrome they often fall into..  like one fight goes on 10 episodes 😛

Closest thing to serialized for me was Fullmetal Alchemist.
(well, i guess thats not 100% true.  I did watch more longer series in the past.. the Ranma 1/2, Tenchi, etc)


That reminds me.. need to figure out what i will be watching in the summer season.. only a few episodes left of this seasons.

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

I actually just got around to watching the first few episodes of Bleach. So far, I like it.


In terms of series anime, they vary a lot. Claymore and Sword Art Online were amazing. I really dug Knights of Sidonia and of course, Attack on Titan. Digimon was another one that I really liked. It had progression, unlike Pokemon.


Never could get into DBZ. Despite being a martial arts based show, I couldn't stand the characters or the story. 

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

I watch most of my stuff subtitled as its released.. so I MAY be a bit further head than some who only really watch on Netflix, etc 🙂

Sword Art Online 2nd season was pretty good, not quite as good as the first.
2nd season on Kinghts of Sidonia is airing right now.. its REALLY good.

I wish they would have finished Claymore 😞

TeraFormars was pretty interesting.. good fighting but very violent.

There were some suprising 'sleeper' hits.. ones i started more to fill time.. and ended up being really good.
Some with action.. some suprisingly not.. but very 'emotional' that make you feel for the characters.  . one this season has had me crying 3x already 😛

I have to say... the number of series that have over the top FANSERVICE lately.. seems to be growing >.>
Not that I personally mind... but its sometimes hard to get OTHERS into it, with all of it. 😛

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Disline FanService, once in a while because the moment calls for it, make sense. BUT randomly? Urgh annoying...

I am not a fan of serialized anime as much, So I dropped naruto, didn't touch OnePiece etc etc,...
I like Bleach because of Swords, Sword fights is what I came in for, and "after life" or "After end of the world" kind of story line that isn't grounding you to reality is what i like....

TeraFormars seems to have potential but the subbed version i watched was censored. (This is on CrunchyRoll) I am surprised it was censored, apparently it was due to the fact it airred in japan that way. It aired censored because it was during prime time, and not after hours like Attack On Titans was.

Sword Art Online, Also fav because it felt like [DOT]HACK reboot but it wasn't. First season was SUPER awesome. Second Season was like... okay... umm... uhh... but I guess i'll follow Kirito anywhere now, even though he looks like a girl in the current season *facepalm* >__<

Now if Shomi starts streaming Gamer Sports / e-Sports and Anime as well. THAT would be bomb... haha.

I guess i'm going to watch Knights of Sidonia... @Gdkitty where do you watch your anime? Do you stream them? I assume you do... (Hopefully Subbed and NEVER, EVER Dubbed 😉 hehe)

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Most of the stuff that airs in Japan.. unless its a really late night release.. is usually sensored when aired.. at least the nudity parts.
Violence..sometimes yes sometimes no.... but Teraformars was pretty excessive so i can see why.
Usually you often may not see unsensored till after the Bluray/dvd release of it.


I find it HARD to watch dubed now.. so used to watching subbed 🙂  I can live with subed sometimes... mostly the OLDER 90's stuff.   But much of the time, it just doesnt seem to match quite right. 🙂
(its like ever trying to watch the ENGLISH crouching tiger hiden dragon... chow young fat with a british accent? o.O)

As for watching?

I grew up OLDSCHOOL with anime.  By my collection, was mostly via VHS to start. 
I started watching anime on the computer once it was available there. (This goes back, to when the IN format to use was REAL VIDEO).  Downloading ONE episode amongst like 20 zip files, and combinging them... hoping it didnt fail the CRC check.  Downloading them from newsgroups in much the same way.

So i have pretty much stuck the same way.   Torrents now are the norm pretty much for me.  Most of the sub groups, usually have them available within 24 hours of their airing.

(streaming is great.. but doenst help when you are somewhere without Net.. like the cottage, on the road, etc.. and dont want to eat mobile data..  Thats why i love to download.. just copy and go)

Bar that... Crunchyroll is probably the best option.
Their paid service, is usually on par with the other sub groups.. 24 hoursish after airing.. seem to get a good 3/4 of the stuff.   Their free service is OK.. but can be up to 2 weeks to get the new stuff.

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

I have Crunchyroll paid version. (Friend shares his ID with me).
Their free version is just one episode behind, depending on release of each episode - yea, it can be up to two weeks.

I am looking for Anime to watch, I use my PS3 to stream, so searching for Anime is hard on their PS3 App (Website works better for that).

Any anime recommendations?

On another note; I heard FanExpo and ComicCon are both doing bigger Anime sections since it has blown up a lot for Americans and Canadians, so they have more support for the Japanese market here. Haven't gone to either conventions yet....

So badly want to CosPlay - but i have to become healthy and fit to dress up as Grimmjow again 😛

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Fanexpo had a fair bit of stuff... specialy the artist ally and vendor sections.

Your still better to go to something like Anime North, etc if you want more pure anime stuff.


As for stuff to watch, that is on CruncyRoll.
 - Durarara - Really good series, some cool fighting stuff (one guy who is a waiter, but who can lift a car like its nothing and throw it at you).  Can really get sort of meta/psycological at times though. (depending if your into that)  Looks like they have first and 2nd season on there (2nd finished in dec), 3rd season starting in July.
- Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?  (DanMachi) - Lol, dont go just by the name.  People who likes SAO often liked this one.. similar vibes to it, a little less serious though.  Main character on the . version is the same guy who did Kirito 😄
- The Fruit of Grisaia - A kid is brought up to be a killer from almost birth.. finally descides to have a semi normal school life, and is put into a school with some 'troubled' girls.  He ends up saving them (in more ways than one).  2nd season goes more into the backstory, etc.
- Plastic Memories - My favorite this season.  No real action, etc... but an emotional rollercoaster 😞

- Parasyte-the maxim - I read this manga YEARS ago.. almost horrish in the way the monsters are/attack.. kind of grusesome at times.. but really well done.
- Aldonah Zero - Awesome space & mech based battles, basing around earth and mars battling.

- Angle Beats - premmice is kind of wierd.. a guy dies, and ends up in a school in the afterlife.. part of a battle group.
- Toradora - Highschool drama more type anime.. which i normally am not into.. but the interaction with the main girl 'the little tiger' is hilarious 🙂
- Brynhilder in the darkness - Suprisingly good story and fights.. some suprising turns in the story.
- Captian Earth - Kids piloting giant mechs to save the world

- Heroman - This was actually helped produced by Stan Lee (he makes cartoon cameos in it 🙂 ).  Big robot super hero type stuff against bug aliens
- R.O.D - Read or Die - secret agents who all have powers based around PAPER. (the original OAV ROD was even better, but they dont have that one 😞 )

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Durarara - Finished a while ago.
Is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeon - Saw the title, didn't know if it was good, but if it has action like SAO then I guess I will give it a try
The Frust of Grisaia - Didn't even see the title; will search for it!
Plastic Memories - Funny, I was watching it while i was reading your post (Earlier yesterday, replyng late since i can't sleep)
Parasyte - I haven't watched it, but LIVE ACTION MOVIE. I think it was recently released, did you watch that? (or was that a trailer?)
Aldonah Zero - Finished it. and the ending was... AHHH - you know? lol
Angel Beats - so so, i think i watched 1 episode a while back (like, not even remembering what happened in it)
Toradora, not into drama so never heard of it
Brynhilder n the darkness - I am gonna look for this one to watch.
Captain Earth - Oh god no... most mechs are disappointing these days.
Heroman - I sadly, and embarassingly watched this, and liked it, and was sad it was over x__x
R.O.D - one of the BEST Anime EVER... to an extent i guess, but I felt the characters were well designed. loved it.

Thank you for suggestion.

Also haveany of you watched:
-- more anime i shall list later... I prefer more polished animation. with the exception of Kill la Kill - Somehow i enjoyed a unique style of that...

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

There are so many animes which lately ticked me off right at the end... Aldonah was SUCH a great series.. then the ending is like What the????
Give me 2 more episodes and a  PROPER ending.



Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

I KNOW! but apparently there is suppose to be a sequel to that... that's why it ended in a cliff hanger... well sort of cliff hanger.

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

There are way too many Anime that are like that...

You will often see a first season of it... goes X far... then stops on a cliffhanger, etc.. or leaving a major story arc open..


It then does not procede forward..  since the MANGA is not far enough to support a full 2nd season yet..

Many times then.. it just SITS there.. forever forgotten.. often never getting the 2nd season 😞  Often since new / better things have come around.

THough i guess in some ways, that is better than what you see often in the WESTERN world.  So often you will see a series based on a book or comic.. it STARTS out almost identical.. within reason.. but then starts to diverge... and gets SOO far away from the source.. that it then starts to suck.

One of the rare instances of this in Anime.. was the first Full Metal Alchemist... it diverged SOO far.. they realized their mistake.. and RE DID the whole thing, with Brotherhood 🙂

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Never actually ended up watchng FMA.
I don't read Manga...
but on the bright side...
Anime/Manga doesn't get a reboot after reboot after reboot after reboot of origin stories...
*cough* superman *cough* 😉

Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Cleaning up in the basement.. came across my older boxes of my original anime collection.

About 40+ original retail VHS tapes

About 60+ 6hr self coppied VHS tapes

Took a look through the list of what was there.. and had some fond memories.  Most of this stuff is early to late 90's stuff. 
Stuff i bet MOST newer anime fans, have NEVER seen before.

I own a VCR which has a usb connection and can connect into a PC to do recording.
I think as an ongoing project, I will try and digitize this stuff, so it can more easily be watched again.


(What would be nice, would be if there was an easy way to SHARE it with others who have not seen it... without killing my internet connection being a SEEDER for all of it :P)



Re: Anime conventions + random conversation about conventions in general.

Well that's simple. Send em My way. LOL

Torrents or you can do OneDrive.
Apparently OneDrive now has unlimited storage. So Upload and share public link is possible O_O"

Thought I don't know if copyright issues will occur, I thought anime older than 20yrs print have expired copyright or something? (I am not the best in this field, so don't know how that works).

But you GOTTA list these anime.
Bruh... Bruh! don't leave us hanging...
What anime that potentially I have NEVER seen before? (I am mid-generation, so not old and not new)...

List!!! 😄


Edit: (Grammar and I seem to type words that make sense - Corrected)

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