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Disappointing shipping from Fedex.

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So my phone was shipped through Fedex on Fri. Dec. 4th overnight. From Etobico Ontario to Leduc Alberta. The expected delivery was Monday Dec.7th by 8pm. So now its Wed the 9th. The phone has been sitting in the Edmonton shipping center C since Monday. It wasn't delivered today. There has been no update on their tracking system since yesterday at 2:37pm. I called Fedex and they said I should have it by tomorrow at 8pm. I have always had good fast service from Rogers, so I am just letting Rogers know that they should really look at changing their courier service, because this one is abysmal. I am just hoping to get it delivered by tomorrow. If not I am just going to cancel it and buy from another supplier. I know what a whiner eh?lol I won't cancel, just blowing off some steam, but seriously Rogers, Fedex is not doing you any favors. Take care all.

Re: Disappointing shipping from Fedex.

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OMG. Ive been waiting 5 weeks for my phone to be shipped out. It finally got shipped out and since dec 2 its been sitting in Mississauga and it is now dec 9 and i had over night shipping. I hope fedex didnt lose it. My phone was supposed to come in on dec 3 by 8 pm and until this day my package hasnt moved. 😩😓 I hope we both get out phones soon

Re: Disappointing shipping from Fedex.

I've been around

Same situation here. Received a notification from Rogers that my device and free Sonos speaker was shipped on December 7 with a FedEx tracker number. Checked the tracker later that day on the FedEx site. Indicated overnight delivery service and arrival date of December 8th. Needless to say the package did not arrive the next day. In fact it still hasn't arrived and since Dec 8th the FedEx status simply says "Scheduled Delivery Pending". I've spoken to both Rogers customer service and FedEx. Neither has an explanation or an estimated delivery date. All I get is "we're really season...hopefully soon...". I'm told my phone (which I paid for in full) is sitting in a FedEx warehouse in Mississauga. Can I send a courier (UPS, DHL, Purolator, etc.) to pick it up from FedEx?

Re: Disappointing shipping from Fedex.

At least you will receive one. I never received the Sonos One speaker that I was offered as device upgrade promotion. I upgraded my phone on very first day of black Friday promotion and noone in Rogers is answering about the whereabouts of the speaker.
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