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Android Devices

I plan to stick around

Anyone have any experience here in using an external DAC from their phones using a digital connection? 

Since the Lollipop update, any Android device can supposedly hand off all audio to an external DAC over a USB OTG cable, thus allowing you to bypass whatever (generally awful) DAC is onboard your device without any of the loss or external factors involved with an analog connection. 

That said, there seems to be conflicting information on which devices support which DACs. I've got a couple HTC One X phones, a G3, a G4, and Xperia Z3 and an old Droid around that I'd like to test, but I thought I'd reach out to the community here and ask if anyone has any input on this. 

Give me your Android source to DAC experiences!


Re: Android Devices

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Retired Moderator

Hey @DrewLazz


I am curious if one of our RE's will know much about this.


I do know that DACs can work with kitkat 4.4 depending on the manufacturer, but with Lollipop one of the requirement is USB power output. One reason for it to fail; if the hardware power requirement isn't met by the Android device power output.

That's the trend I see online anyway.


Don't know anyone here who is a Audiophile to be honest, maybe @Gdkitty has some knowledge?

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