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Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

I've been around

I would like to suggest that the outbound calling centre have an augmented tool that has just been made available through clinical research into the effects of Alzheimer's disease:


1) It has been found that when the favorite music of the era when that person grew up is played, two surprising things happen, the hipocampus gets stimulated into remembering things that they did in school at the times that they were introduced to those songs by their friends.


2) Remembering those friends and childhood circumstances also stimulated by the music brings the individual into a state of clarity for the duration of the conversation, allowing them to remember things they were unable to remember minutes before.


3) The billing process should be allowed to incorporate a "Do Not Disturb" instance where payment arrangements are made through email and powers of attourney, or through telephone conversation and an email verification with a rogersonenumber account login required to reply.


If you do just this one step, you will be miles beyond the competition in just this one instance alone, setting a new benchmark in proactive customer services to the people who need it most.


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Re: Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

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Thank you for sharing this information with us 🙂


Feel free to post this idea to our Idea Box!








Re: Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

As for point 3...

The billing, doesnt have to go to the person whos name is on the account. 
It could be sent to the power of attourneys, etc.. if the named person is not capable anymore...
Payment.. if you do it through your bank or online banking... ANYONE could pay it.. 


Not trying to take any freedoms away from people with these problems.. ran through it with my grandparrents..
But when it gets to that point.. the problem then comes down to sometimes IF something has to be done to the account.. without getting the full legal power of attourney stuff through with them..  can be a BIG pain.
May be worth while able, to transfer the account to the Power of attourney at that time, so can be dealt with easier.
EG: My grandparrents for the last few years, were in my mothers name.. their place, but her name on the account.

Re: Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

Yeah if the Alzheimers is that bad it is probably best for someone else entirely to look after the entirety of the account.

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