Email settings changes

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Community Manager (Retired) RogersGina
Community Manager (Retired)
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Email settings changes

Hey guys,

Wanted to send you a heads up that Rogers has sent a mass email to many Internet customers regarding a port migration and affects customers who are using an email client. Web based email accounts do not need a change. 


In case you see anything about it in the forums, I wanted you to know about it. Here's a link to the site with instructions for how to update (per client). Yes, it's a Rogers site and not fishing.


You may see nothing at all and that would be wonderful but I doubt it 😉







Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Email settings changes

GAH.. thanks for the heads up.. going to have to fix that on my PHONE settings..
My wifes outlook
My mothers outlook..


I am pretty sure we will hear about it.