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Hello Community!


We know the importance of a strong WiFi network and reliable coverage throughout your home.


As part of our Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee, we recently rolled-out an enhanced self-serve internet connection diagnostic tool. We’re committed to delivering our most reliable home WiFi coverage. We’d like to introduce the new Internet Health check tool to help you ensure that your Wi-Fi is performing at its best.


The Internet Health Check feature in the Ignite Wi-Fi Hub app lets you proactively monitor your home network to identify and self-troubleshoot WiFi connection issues.  The feature will let you know if your devices’ signal strength is strong enough to support activities such as Streaming HD & 4K content, Online gaming, and Video calling/conferencing.


The app also provides tips to fix problems and improve your experience without needing to contact Technical Support:

  • Troubleshoot by testing a single device or all devices on the home network
  • Test again after following the tips to find out if your WiFi connection has improved.
  • Test signal strength of Ignite WiFi pods if used within the home
  • Help to determine ideal location for Pods placement

Let us know what you think about this great feature in the comments below. 🙂