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eSIM charges and other details

I've been around
I was using physical card, one day I have activated eSIM and later on I realised that there would be some charges, so I canceled eSIM and meanwhile my physical card was also dead so I had to activate eSIM again and I would like to know all complete charges but I am not getting proper answer from their support team, waiting time is some time more than one hour pls suggest best option for me. I live in remote area where Rogers store is 7-8 hours away from me

Re: eSIM charges and other details

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Sometimes there is an activation fee for the eSIM but that should be it. If you have recently purchased a new device, they might hit you with an activation fee for that device, which I personally think is a filing a complaint with the CRTC and CCTS over. Some devices have a different IMEI for the eSIM, which is why the system thinks the device is a different one, if it is the same device you have beennusing.

Your old pSIM can not be reactivated so if you want to go back to a pSIM, you will need to purchase a new pSIM online or in a store.
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