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Send Occasional SMS from Tablet Plan (DATA ONLY)

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Hi I have a tablet plan (10$/month) with my share plan that I use on a cell phone. I need to respond to a one time text message and it's not going out. i tought that I was able to send a text message but like at a pay per use. Is there a way to enable that for let say 5$ a month or I don't know?





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Re: Send Occasional SMS from Tablet Plan (DATA ONLY)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Most tablet plans do not have the ability to send SMS from what I understand. The reasoning behind? if you look at ipads, they may have a messaging app but its iMessaging only, its NOT a SMS messaging app,   same with android tablets, there is no Google Messages app or Messages app on Android Tablets, why? because tablets and rocket sticks historically were not designed with the ability to send sms, why? because not all tablets are compatible with sim cards, some are just so you can use data everywhere u go, but that was all they needed the sim card for., maybe check other providers like telus or virgin or public mobile or bell or koodo and see if any of their tablet plans allow sms? or maybe see if roger has some addon they can put on your account to allow it as an exception?

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