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Not receiving text messages, only pictures

I've been around
Hello all, I recently stopped receiving text messages from 3 people but they get mine. This started May 3rd at exactly 10:30 am out of nowhere. I had a Samsung galaxy s6 at the time and I checked if these people were blocked but they were not and I took out my sim card, I did a factory reset, I have done everything, I even have 2 ticket cases open and have gotten no responses yet. I got fed up, so I went to my local Rogers store so they could check out my phone, they did and I received the persons text that was helping me but still not the 3 people, also my phone was saying 4G instead of LTE like it always did so the people at the store thought my phone was broken and gave me a new one, a Samsung s9. I have a brand new phone and sim card, and I still do not receive texts from these people. I receive texts from people with Rogers and Bell but not Telus, anyone with Telus who texts me I do not receive their message but they receive mine and everyone else's. I have spoken to Telus and they say they can see the problem, and that problem is a certain text that has been sent over 100 times is blocking all other texts from coming to my phone apparently and Telus says Rogers has to fix it becauae it's on their end but when I speak to Rogers they say I should speak to Telus. What can I do? I need to be able to receive texts from these people and other Telus phones. I have tried all options, I am stuck. Thanks in advance!

Re: Not receiving text messages, only pictures


Hi @Rshep94!


Welcome to our Community!


Being unable to receive texts, especially if they're from people you communicate with often, would definitely be frustrating! The only possible solution left here would be to try delete the contact list entry for these 3 people from your phone. It's possible their contact is corrupted and it's causing these issue. 


Should that not work, then we have to take a look into the status of these escalated tickets and possibility send off another if neither were able to find a solution.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further help if deleting the contact list entry doesn't work. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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