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No More Visual Voicemail for Android

I've been around

So Rogers just did another brilliant thing, and killed Visual Voicemail for Android devices. After using the service for years and years successfully, it just stopped working. I now have to dial my voicemail and listen to it, like it's 1998. When I called to ask about it, they told me it's only available on iPhone. Then how did I have it for the last 5 years? Nobody knew they killed it, likely due to an overpaid, lazy service team that was too lazy to fix an issue they were having with it. That, and they probably get a sweet kickback for the more iphones they sell.  No notice went out, no information is available anywhere, but someone from tech support called me back today to tell me that it's just gone. If you want visual voicemail, and aren't a slave to Apple, guess you have to go Telus. 


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Re: No More Visual Voicemail for Android


Good afternoon @Timbot3000,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thanks for your post! I can understand how frustrating it is to have previously been benefiting from a feature that you're no longer able to use.


To fully understand the situation, I do have a few questions for you; I hope you don't mind!


Are you sure you're referring to the Android Visual Voicemail? As of April 4, 2014 the Visual VoiceMail app on an Android (Kit Kat OS) or BB device was decommissioned from the Rogers/Android App store.


However, we're still offering the Android Premium Voicemail-to-Text. You can add it as a standalone feature or as part of a value pack.


If you've recently brought changes to your account and removed the feature by accident, it's something we could surely add back on your line. If you think it's a technical issue, please let us know if you went through any troubleshooting steps, such as restarting your device etc.


Looking forward to your reply!




Re: No More Visual Voicemail for Android

I've been around
Why is visual voicemail an additional fee? I don't particularly need transcription, I would just like to have my voicemail so I can see neatly who, when, and how long they are. Is this not an option for Android? Or only if I purchase this $10 plan?

I hope this is not the case, it would be exceptionally disappointing, especially since I had basic voicemail service through the app on my old iphone. Considering that rogers has no real competition other then bell and telus, and Canadians pay the highest cellular prices on the continent, why is this not a common-sense value add? Honestly, it's kinda sad have to dial in to my voice mail because I didn't take a "premium" addon, and rogers not providing basic voicemail app support. What is this this? 1998? This does not inspire confidence in the company either, considering how basic a service this is.

I look forward to a complete response, and would appreciate insight as to why rogers would choose not to provide a "basic" voicemail package for access using an app. This "miss" makes the company look cheap, and and looks like an indicator of the lack of value of rogers as a cellphone cellular service provider.

Re: No More Visual Voicemail for Android

Android always had the option of visual voicemail via 3rd party apps, but the carrier had to allow call forwarding. This week (Oct 2023) I ported my number from Bell to Rogers and realized my 3rd party visual voicemail app, voxist wouldn't work because my carrier doesn't support call forwarding. This had been a clever hack until Rogers realised they can monetize it by making it a paid feature and disabling perfectly working services. Not for security, just greed.

Re: No More Visual Voicemail for Android

Typical Rogers. Deprecate service and grind for revenue on standard operating functionality.

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