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Hurricane Nicole Notifications

I've been around

My 1st Time Here🙋


I knew this place existed but I only registered to get notifications on Hurricane Nicole.Does'nt seem to be anywhere to do that.Not sure why they asked me to register.🤔


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Re: Hurricane Nicole Notifications

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I don't know why either. Just so you know, there are a number of different weather apps that you can download to your phone or tablet.  For example "The Weather Network".  You can turn notifications on or off with these weather apps depending on your situation - travelling to a different location for example, if you don't want notifications all the time, etc.


If desired, you will then get notifications regarding any sorts of bad weather at your location (if you allow it) - fog, rain, snow, tornado, high winds, etc.  You can also include a number of different locations if desired. For example, in winter I like to see what the weather is like near Barrie even though I live in Toronto.  I'm a skier, but I don't really want to drive through a snow squall. 

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