Auto-Scroll on Android?

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Auto-Scroll on Android?

I switched from Apple to Android awhile ago (I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ from a family member)....and while I think I've adapted pretty well, my biggest pet peeve is no obvious way to auto-scroll to the top of a page....on my iPhone I just tapped the empty space at the top of the screen, and it would scroll me up. Is there some kind of Android equivalent? 

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Re: Auto-Scroll on Android?

Good evening @saramariadejesu!


Glad to know your transition from an iPhone to a Samsung has been smooth. I know the feature you're referring to on the iPhone is quite convenient. While I'm not sure if there's an exact same feature available with the S9+, a Google search shows a couple of different videos with tips about the home button and the navigation bar for the device. You may be able to find helpful shortcuts that can come in handy!


Do we have any S9+ users in the Community that would like to chime in?