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Speed Pass with Rogers Infinite Plans

I've been around

Hi I bought a Samsung s20 Ultra few months back, my phone plan was 10 gb and unlimited data at reduced speeds after that, on my account rogers is automatically adding speed pass without my knowledge, I complained every month to the customer care even this month I have used only 8 gb and billing cycle ends in 2days, but still rogers added a speed pass on my account without my knowledge, making me to be very carefully check data every time and call customer care to remove it, im paying a lot for this worst device on top rogers system errors, im frustrated and considering to seek legal action please suggest, whom should I complain


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Re: Speed Pass with Rogers Infinite Plans

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Good day, @Vinay9676


Congratulations are in order on your very first post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😊 I hope you're staying safe and sound! I've actually had our new Rogers Infinite Plan for quite some time now and it's lovely that I don't have to keep a constant eye on my usage. Worry-free unlimited data is great! 👍


With that said, that's certainly not the type of experience I want you to be having. Have you ever requested to have an additional Speed Pass added on your account or do you happen to recall purchasing one through our Self -Serve Option via text message? We'd love to get down to the bottom of this for you! If you can kindly send us a message at @CommunityHelps we'd be more than happy to have a look into this for you. In the event that you're unfamiliar with our private messaging system, feel free to Click Here.


Looking forward to hearing from you! 




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