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Smart Home Monitoring - Control -> Automate Package

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello All,


Looking on advise and details for my situation. I've had the Control package for 2 years as of today and my promo has expired. I'm looking to pay the same but can't even get through hour long wait on the phone and chat.


I took the time to look at other products Rogers offers, and the most affordable is the Automate. My question is would this (unmonitored by rogers) still connect with the full suite of hardware from the control package?


the fine print says "1. Automate Package offer available for a limited time to new or existing Ignite Internet customers with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem"  which I am. Also all the professional services is not needed as all the Control hardware is there, plus the stay-at-home lockdown, I don't think they can even be dispatched.


Any suggestion this option from going from Control to Automate Package?




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Re: Smart Home Monitoring - Control -> Automate Package


Hello, @Artine


We appreciate you posting your concerns to our community. I know how important it is to get all of the details before making a decision to change your services.


The Smart Home Automate package is a very basic app-only solution to automating and managing your home. This option does not have the same hardware controls as your current offering. It is not compatible with the Smart Home Monitoring touchscreen which is what is needed for the thermostat control to work.


The Smart Home Automate service will only offer automation and alerts for your door/window sensors and light bulbs plus live video streaming for any existing Smart Home Monitoring cameras you may have.


You would need to subscribe to the Assure or Control package in order to benefit from the remote thermostat control feature.


I hope this helps!



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