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Unsure of some information you’ve heard about roaming? Read on to get clarification on some popular roaming claims, and learn some helpful tips along the way!



 "Data Roaming only prevents data usage from triggering roaming charges"


Even if you have Data Roaming turned off, if you send a text message or make/receive a phone call, it will trigger roaming charges. However, incoming text messages do not trigger roaming charges.
That said, this is a great option if you want to avoid roaming charges but remain reachable in an emergency.

Tip: Wi-Fi Calling would be a great option so you can return a call if necessary. Opting out from Roam Like Home and using pay-per-use rates could also be an option if you want to be able to answer an incoming call in the case of an emergency.



"You can still be charged for roaming while only using Wi-Fi"


While services like iMessage can work on Wi-Fi alone, there are settings that will send the message as an SMS/MMS if an internet connection cannot be found which will trigger roaming charges.

Tip: go to the Messaging settings and turn off Send as SMS.


Settings like background app refresh, Wi-Fi Assist, cloud-based backups being turned on, as well as email being set to push, will use data without you realizing it.

Tip: Turn off push email notifications so that your device is not constantly looking for emails to download. Depending on your device, manage these notifications in your Push or Sync settings.



"You can still be charged for roaming if you use Airplane Mode"


Unless you have Airplane Mode turned on with Data Roaming turned off, there’s still a risk of roaming charges happening! Wi-Fi Calling is a great option for calling and texting while travelling but be aware of the number you’re calling. Outgoing Wi-Fi calls and texts made to a non-Canadian number will trigger roaming charges. If the number is outside the destination you are roaming in, then long distance charges will incur in addition to the roaming charges.


Tip: Stick to using Wi-Fi Calling for calls back home to Canadian numbers, checking your voicemail, or answering calls from anywhere and find alternatives for making calls within your destination.



"All calls made or received, text messages sent, and data used will cause roaming charges"


Regardless of how long a call you make or receive is, it will lead to being charged for roaming. This also applies to any amount of data used, whether intentional usage or background usage. The Roam Like Home daily rate is equal to the destination’s pay-per-use data rate, so any data usage will result in the same charge. Incoming text messages are free, but sending a text message will also lead to a charge; if it’s over 160 characters, it may send as a MMS which uses data as well.

Tip: If you’d prefer to pay the pay-per-use rates for occasional usage while travelling, you can opt-out from Roam Like Home. Please review the pay-per-use rates for your destination before you leave.



"Pay-per-use can very easily be more expensive than Roam Like Home"


The daily rate for Roam Like Home is equal to the pay-per-use rate for data within your destination. Keep in mind that pay-per-use rates round up to the next whole minute for calls or the set amount of data. For example, a 30 second call will count as one minute. Data rates are charged for up to the set amount for the destination. For example; the rate for data in Italy is $15/20MB, so if you were to use 50MB in a day, that would lead to a $45 charge.

Tip: You can review your bill to get an estimate of how much data you use on a daily basis and calculate what that would equal while roaming based on your destination’s pay-per-use rates found here. Consider that you may need to use your phone more than normal while abroad to help you find your way around.



"Only calls made to countries outside of your destination, other than Canada, will cause long-distance charges"


With Roam Like Home, your destination is seen as “home”, so with a Canada-wide plan you won’t be charged long-distance fees for calls made within the country, or back to Canada. Long-distance charges will only occur if you call a country outside of your destination. For example, making a call to Germany while you’re in France. Long-distance charges may also apply if you have a local-calling plan rather than Canada-wide.

Tip: Confirm your plan details for whether you have Canada-wide or local calling only through your MyRogers account.



"Roam Like Home uses your plan’s data, talk, and text just like it would at home"


When you use Roam Like Home, your plan follows you to your destination to be used as normal. This means that the data available along with airtime and text messages included is all based on your regular plan. For example: If you have a 60GB Infinite Essentials plan, then you have access to that same 60GB of data at high speeds and unlimited data at reduced speeds, as well as the unlimited calling and texting you normally would!

Tip: Be sure to consider how much data you still have available before you leave, and add a speed pass if necessary!



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