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I've Been Around
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Hockey broadcast

I find it very frustrating and am getting to the point of cancelling your service because you will not show other Canadian hockey games in my region. I don't like Boston Boston Boston Boston on my cable package. I pay a premium for sports packages but refuse to pay for out of town games that are being played in the country that I live in. Does it always have to be about the gouge. Thank God there only one basketball and baseball team in Canada so you can't gouge from those sports fans. Don't give me any . about regional tv rights as any Canadian team has their own draw.No more . about growing the game with this format you've chosen, Canadians deserve Canadian hockey not the US garbage with the horrible play by play. You guys suck,!
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Hockey broadcast

I know you don't want to hear it, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Rogers has no say - it's all the NHL's call. Go complain on their message boards.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Hockey broadcast

Yup it's the NHLs decision. Not Rogers. Sorry but your complaint is being heard by the wrong people

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Re: Hockey broadcast

There was a recent article on this in the Globe last week.  See link below:


I'm not sure if this is behind a paywall for you.  I subscribe.


Here's some of the text:


Here’s how the regional markets break down: TSN has the rights to Montreal’s, Ottawa’s and Winnipeg’s games; Sportsnet has Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver; and the two broadcasters divide the regional rights to Toronto’s games. If you live in a team’s home market, you need to subscribe to their regional broadcaster in order to watch games that aren’t aired nationally – regardless of where those games are played.

I contacted Rogers Sports & Media, which sells NHL Live in Canada; a spokesperson informed me the “What Can I Watch?” tool had not yet been updated with information for the current season. Then, last Monday, it finally went live with valid info, six games into the season. I also contacted a spokesperson for Bell Media, who sent me a media release outlining which Habs games will air on TSN this season.


Then, recalling my long-ago days as a customer service rep, I called up Rousseau and gently broke the news to him that, if he wanted to see the bulk of the Montreal games, he’d need to subscribe to TSN Direct. Even so, I explained, that would get him only 34 of the Habs’ 56 regular season games this season: The other 22 will air nationally, on Sportsnet or CBC.

It is partially Rogers doing since they own SportsNet, but really, it's the NHL as mentioned previously.