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Can I Watch My VCR on the TV with Ignite and How?

I've Been Around

I have some video's I'd like to watch . Tried but no luck




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Re: Can I Watch My VCR on the TV with Ignite and How?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

If all you're trying to do is watch some videos on your VCR to the TV, then IgniteTV has nothing to do with that.  You would connect your VCR directly to an input on the TV, usually with composite video and analogue audio cables (red/white audio, yellow video) and switch the TV to that input.  Some new TVs may not have the appropriate Composite Video input or it may be combined with a component video input.  Check your TV's operating manual. What's the exact make/model of your TV and VCR?


If what you're trying to do is record programming on your VCR from IgniteTV, which only has an HDMI output, then you'd need to purchase a converter that converts HDMI to composite video and analogue audio to get those signals into the VCR and tune the VCR to that input (which may be labelled channel zero, or "aux input" or any number of things).  You'd still need the output of the VCR to be connected to the TV as mentioned in paragraph one to view anything from the VCR.  You'd probably also want an HDMI splitter to have the HDMI go to the TV from the IgniteTV box as well as to the VCR via the converter.  If you don't wish to record onto the VCR, just watch something you already have recorded, then all of this paragraph doesn't apply.


Of course the VCR is very poor quality standard definition, so anything you see on the TV would typically be pretty poor quality, especially after watching High Definition or 4K from IgniteTV.

Re: Can I Watch My VCR on the TV with Ignite and How?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yes what 57 said is correct, your VCR has nothing to do with Ignite TV, Your VCR would connect directly to your TV set. You could in theory try to find the owners manual of the VCR and perhaps it would give examples of how to connect it, or sometimes even the TV manual itself would show how to connect a VCR. Its also possible you have a newer TV set without the required inputs so your VCR may not be compatible to be connected directly, we do not know since we do not know your device models.

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