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Possible scammer spoofing as Rogers

I've been around

Saw another thread saying Rogers usually gets you to post about scams on here after you tell them so I might as well.

Number: 1 (833) 647 4271, was able to spoof their caller ID as Rogers 

One of my phones is with another company and they spam called me several times saying its Rogers trying to get back together. Plausible but there's no information on their number online linked with Rogers except one other person on another forum talking about how obvious their scam offers were.  Didn't give them much information as they thought I was someone else and just picked up to get them to stop calling. 

Edit: I did say "yes" at one point and I know there's a new scam getting you to say yes now to record you, am I good or am i just too paranoid? 


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Re: Possible scammer spoofing as Rogers


Hi @shivermetimbers,


I think it's  better to be cautious giving out personal info over the phone than not. If it's a legitimate Rogers sales call, the person over the phone should have no issues documenting the account and providing a reference number; this way you can always call into Rogers and confirm. In the absence of an account our colleagues are still able to provide sufficient info to differentiate from a potentially scam caller. 


Thank you for bringing this newest scam to our attention.





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