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Phone call from (204) 650-2071 - Brandon, Manitoba offering service discount.

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I received a phone call today from the above number.  The individual said he was offering us a 50% discount on Rogers services with no contract required for the next 2 years.  To initiate this, I needed to provide him with my email address associated with the phone # ending in (****).  I told him that I would not be providing any information if I could not verify it was Rogers.  He said because there are a lot of scams going around, Rogers was not providing them with access to personal information so once I provided my email address he would send me an authorization message.


We ended the call on my refusal.  I am assuming that this would result in either a phishing email or something that would allow them to take over my account.




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Re: Phone call from (204) 650-2071 - Brandon, Manitoba offering service discount.

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Resident Expert

@colleensupermom two thumbs up and kudos for refusing to provide any personal details.  There are far too many scams for Rogers services these days.  All you have to do is scroll thru the forum postings to see other posts where customers have received calls, out of the blue, promising plans that are too good to be true.  Unfortunately, many customers have fallen for these scams.  


Fwiw, it's probably an idea to log into your Rogers account, using a device that you trust, to change your account password and PIN, check your personal details to ensure that they have not been changed and check for any additional services that have been added to your account without your authorization.  


For anyone else receiving these calls, simply hang up.  If there are any offers for your plans, they should be shown in the services section of your account. 

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