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Is the number and email legit?

I've been here awhile

Hi there,
I received a call from Rogers from the following number 8887643771 to offer me a deal to retain me as their long time customer. I was very hesitant about sharing any info. The only thing they asked for is my address and the last 4 digits of my driver's license. No bank information was asked for

I did take the deal and they emailed me a confirmation from the following address:

So can anyone please confirm if the number and the email is legit? Or am I getting scammed somehow.


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Re: Is the number and email legit?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yes its their official number, but hard to say if it was a legitimate call from rogers, lots of scammers out there can even spoof their number to pretend to be rogers calling you or other companies like the CRA or visa etc.

Re: Is the number and email legit?

I've been here awhile
Hi Pauly,

Thanks for confirming. I just spoke with Rogers and that email is a scam email.

Apparently there is a scam going around where they take your verification info only and then charge new phones and phone plans through your Rogers account.

If at any time Rogers calls you for offers, they should not be asking you to verify any information as they should have your profile open. So if Rogers calls you, do not share your date of birth, postal code and email address.

However, if you call them, they would need those information to verify of it is actually you who's calling.

Hope this helps out others. These scammers are definitely getting better and better.

Stay safe everyone.
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