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Constant spam calls

I'm here a lot

Is anyone else receiving nonstop spam calls today (2022-12-13) every few minutes from obviously spoofed numbers of the same area code and first 3 digits? I'm wondering if it's just me or if something got messed up. Thanks.


Re: Constant spam calls

I plan to stick around

Hi tg,

I receive these spam calls every day (between 5-10) guaranteed! So, what you are experiencing seems normal to me.


However, if you are getting 1 call every 3 minutes that means for the past 3 hours you would have received 60 spam calls or 20 per hour.


If 20 calls per hour is the case. No that is not normal & I would suggest to try one of the following:

How to enable spam call protection on iPhone - Direct link to Apple's official Guide

How to enable Smart Call on Samsung phones - Direct link to Samsung's official Guide.


I personally have both a Samsung & iPhone with active sim cards. & I find even still with these features on I get some spam calls. Therefore, I have come to a place of acceptance towards spam calls. But who knows maybe activating one of these features will heavily reduce the spam you receive.

Re: Constant spam calls

I'm here a lot

I received 18 calls between 12:04 PM and 2:17 PM, so almost 10 per hour. All were from spoofed numbers starting with the same area code and prefix as my own number with different last 4 digits for each incoming call.


This was driving me crazy, so I went through the Samsung Phone app settings but couldn't find any helpful options. Couldn't block numbers starting with certain digits, nor could I even block all calls from anyone not in my contact list!


Eventually I installed the Hiya app and the calls all stopped immediately, coincidentally I believe!

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