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Best Buy Fideorogers Department Calling with Discount

I've been around

I have been getting calls from 604-799-1787 claiming to give further discounts on Rogers mobile phone service because many Rogers account holders are leaving due to high cost. The discounts will only show on the Rogers bill once you've signed up for the offer.

They have last 4 digits of the account and are asking for the following;

1. Email address

2. Spelling of you full name

3. Billing address

4. Last bill amount you've paid.

I contacted Rogers and they don't have such plans as described. They gave 778-775-1782 to verify the source of the caller. Contacted the number and seems to be going to someone's personal phone number.

Apparently, this guy was calling from Best Buy Ontario and the caller ID shows BC phone number. When I challenged him on this, he said he can call from Ontario phone number and something about use of multiline phone number and is legit.

The offer sounds too much of a good deal but sounds real fishy. 


Re: Best Buy Fideorogers Department Calling with Discount


Hello, @NeoIIGeo.


We're grateful that you joined our Community! Thank you for the #RaisingAwareness post!


I appreciate you sharing your experience! It's essential to stay vigilant when receiving unsolicited calls, especially ones promising discounts or deals. It's great that you reached out to Rogers to verify the legitimacy of the calls.


We have listed a few safety and prevention tips in this knowledge base article: How to Avoid Caller ID Spoofing and Spam Calls.


Trust your instincts, and don't hesitate to hang up on suspicious callers. Stay safe!




Re: Best Buy Fideorogers Department Calling with Discount

I have got same call. with number 778 855 4151  

Its very suspicious, and i told them, i will call them back, then he gave me another number  778 775 1782


So, Is this real or not ? 



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