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Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

I've Been Here Awhile

I have been a customer of Rogers for many years. For the most part, I have never had any issues but I will say contacting any level of customer support is always a bit distressing knowing the length of time required to get proper support. Unfortunately, I am now involved with a case of fraud on my account and the required involvement of support leads me to think the worst of my service provider. I do believe I am a now a customer whom they have chosen to pass off thinking that I will just eventually cave and pay. 


I have come here to post my experience and to seek the communities help. As a previous large forum operator, my experience has been excellent seeking advice in this sort of medium and I hope the advice some of you are willing to share will assist me to get this matter cleared up. 


Here we go.... (This could be quite lengthy so hopefully I am not too beat by the end of reliving this story to fix my grammar where necessary 😉  I  therefore apologize now. I would also like to note here I could include a lot more detail with what I am about to write but I will stick to the main details for now.)


November 2018

I visited a London (where I resided at the time), Ontario Rogers store and signed up for a plan that included a Google Pixel 3XL. As part of the promotion, I was given a tablet in lieu of bonus data on my plan. The tablet is a Huawei and it can be used with a sim card. I told the sales rep I did not want the sim card since I will never use it for calls or for data outside of wifi. I guess she still had to set it up with the sim card along with assigning it a phone number. I can honestly say I do not even know if she included the sim card within one of the boxes I left the store with. I have never personally installed the sim card nor seen it. I used the tablet infrequently on wifi and it always stated "No Service" because obviously there was no sim card installed.


July 2019

I moved to St. Thomas Ontario and have not used or even charged the Huawai tablet since I have been here. It is still to this day in the backpack I transported it here in.


November 29th, 2019

I logged in to my My Rogers account app on my phone only to find my upcoming bill was over $500 which shocked me because it has always been around the $150 mark. After downloading and reviewing my bill, it clearly showed all of these extra charges were on this additional sim card that I had never installed, did not even know if it had actually been included in the packages I left the Rogers store with, nor had I ever even seen it. Didn't sleep well that night knowing previous interactions with Rogers support is always a very trying and tedious experience. I figured I would wait until Monday to contact support since I had a very busy weekend planned with family. 


November 30th, 2019 - First Lie

Couldn't wait until Monday. Being a bit of a news follower I knew when someone gets a hold of a sim card that is not theirs they can play a real havoc on your life. I called Rogers.


I recorded this phone call. The call lasted for about 45 minutes. I spoke with a very caring lady in billing support. I will say this first, after the call ended I hung up feeling an sense of relief. Huge sense of relief. To me, she did more than I expected and I had little concern of a 'bad outcome'. 


I explained to her what I saw on my bill, informed her that I had never installed the sim card on the tablet let alone know if I had actually walked out of the store with the sim card in one of the bags I left with. I informed her that I was not using the device at all. She told me she was contacting the fraud department and put me on hold several times, keeping me informed all of the while telling me what she was working on. Among some of the details she shared with me included: She stated she was talking to the fraud department, saw that all all access from the sim card was coming from London, Ontario (I reside in St. Thomas, Ontario), she asked me if I knew of a few numbers that were being called from the device where the sim card was being used, she stated it was a Samsung device , along with a few other details. She then told me they were locking the device and disabling the sim card so no further access would be allowed. She also informed me that I would be receiving a call from the Rogers Fraud department in 3-5 business days since they had now opened an investigation.


No one ever called me within 3-5 business days.


December 10th, 2019 - Second Lie

I recorded this phone call. Since I never did receive a phone call from the Rogers Fraud department as promised I figured I would call support again and speak to a supervisor. When I called, the first level support agent said to me, I should be to someone as I requested because the case had been closed by the fraud department and  there were more charges coming on the next bill. I asked what she meant and clarified they were the ones between the last bill and the time of my first call where the sim card was disabled. She patched me through to a supervisor. 


Within a few moments of speaking with the supervisor, he stated the case was in fact closed and he was offering me a $200 credit because that was all he was allowed to give. I stated that was not sufficient since none of the charges were mine directly and if he took time as the fraud department should have, they would see that none of the phone numbers that were being called from this sim card were any of the phone numbers that were coming from my personal device let alone originating from the same city I resided in. I was getting frustrated. He said he would see what he would have to talk with one of his managers and that I would hear back from him.


Within about 5 minutes he called me back. He told me he had just spoken with his manager and they were going to forward my complaint to a department that would review each call line by line and issue a credit based on each call. He told me that his manager told him this should work and if it didn't, there was another path they could take. He assured me that if it did not work, he would call me back personally within 2-3 days but if it did work, I would not hear back from him and the credit would be reflected on my next bill.


I never heard back from him so I assumed as he stated, the path they elected to get a credit by way of worked. Wrong.


December 27th, 2019 - Third Lie

I recorded this phone call. I looked up my bill on my My Rogers app. It is now over $1000. I called Rogers Billing support. When the agent answered, I told him I did not want to waste his time at all since I obviously needed to speak with a supervisor. He said "Ok" but wanted a few details. So I shared what I have basically shared here. He said he was then reviewing the notes on the account. At the end his words were to the effect "Oh, no. This is not right". I said "What?". He said he just read everything and "This is not good.... No one ever called you? Because this case has been closed". I said no. He asked "And you never received and email?" I said no. He told me to hold and he was going to get someone right away. Well that took forever so we filled it with idle chit chat except for one interesting bit of exchange. I asked him if he could see that the sim card had actually been disabled so no further access and charges would accumulate. He replied "No, it is still active." I freaked. The very first phone call the lady told me they had disabled it and I again shared this with him. He said that as far as he can see it is still being used.


Finally we ended the call with him stating "Anthony Butterwurth(sp?)", a supervisor would be calling me within 15 minutes and verified my phone number with me. We hung up and I thanked him since he did seem to share some of my grief.


15 Minutes went by, then 20, then an hour.... You guessed it. Anthony never called. My heart sank. A real sense of unease came over me and I started to suspect I was one of those customers who Rogers was just going to tow along until I paid. Two days later, here I sit. Sleeping poorly with no sense just how much time this is about to take up in my life nor the mental anguish.


So I come to this community now. 

  • I am fully expecting my credit rating to now take a hit.
  • I will not pay the extra charges and as far as I am concerned Rogers needs to make this more than right but that in itself is merely a dream. 

What should I do? Any recommendations? Maybe I should go to CBC Go Public? I am at a loss to be honest. A $1000 is a $1000 and obviously this is only getting to be a larger sum of money every day. 


Finally, I get everyone has issues with their providers and they really are no different in this sense at all for what I have experienced. But this has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I want to move to another now. 


Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.


Hello and welcome to our Community @LostinLondon!


I have read over your post and it does seem like we've committed a series of errors here rather than do what is right. I am terribly sorry for this experience. While fraud cases can be complex, we should have absolutely made sure the SIM card was disabled so that no further charges could be accrued until the fraud investigation was properly completed.


I invite you to PM us @CommunityHelps so that I can review your account history and determine the best next steps. It is most likely that I will have to re-escalate this case to our fraud department. 


If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

"we've committed a series of errors here rather than do what is right"

No, it is your turn to make an effort to contact me, as promised so many times prior. Re-Escalation to your fraud department does nothing for me, They have already closed the case because they deemed it not as fraud. It is fraud and I am prepared now to explore every avenue available to me.

Sorry, but this is just "Rogers Talk". I am seeking an actual resolution.

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

You should’ve not left the store without your sim card.
You could’ve easily cut the tablet sim card in half and throw it in the garbage if you don't need it.

I suggest paying the bill to avoid any collection issued and to avoid damaging your credit report.

Your best option is to contact the CRTC. (Google them and file a formal complaint)

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Identity Theft- Rogers issued 2 numbers on my account to any scammer without my knowledge


I was in contract(cell phone) with rogers from Dec2019 to March2020(7th) and on March 7th I did a transfer of responsibility and I got confirmation from (Mr. Mohammed - customer support) Rogers customer care mentioning that transfer is successfull and I am not liable for any payment after 7th of March. You can check this confirmation in your records as well which would be on 7th march, 2020 around 3pm-4pm est.

I have paid all the bill from Dec to March without any delay.But from last 2 weeks I am getting call from Rogers that a bill of $4849.31 is due for payment and then I checked my account(closed one) that there are 2 extra lines active on my account without even my knowledge in addition to my original number that I purchased with device on my ID.

On investigating further, I found email address as well the residential address is different on the account and someone changed the pin as well as security question. Someone hacked it and activated multiple lines on it.

I registered complaint with rogers customer care regarding this fraud couple of times but everytime I ended up knowing that the case is closed.
Now I am getting calls daily to pay the amount otherwise its gonna affect my credit.

How come roger had activated 2 additional under my roger account without even my authorization. Even address showing in my account is from Halifax where I never been ever.

Its roger due diligence to verify the Identity before issuing number.

It is clearly fraud in my account and its all roger fault. Roger failed in verifying the identity of the person who did this.

I made several attempts to discuss this matter with fraud but no one is listening.

Please look up into this dispute and resolve it.

Hope to get solution for this


Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Good evening @Amanpreet1,


Welcome to the Community!


I realize how sensitive and important it is to maintain a good credit score and to ensure you're not billed for a service you did not use. The amount you've mentioned is a rather large amount and would be a cause of concern for anyone.


I want to assure you we take the security of our customers' information very seriously. Fraud cases are typically actioned in a swift manner due to the nature of the inquiry. In order to determine what's caused a delay in resolution and to review the information you've shared, I would recommend you to reach out to us via CommunityHelps. 


If you're not familiar with our private message system, please check out the How To Send A Private Message blog to learn more. 





Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

I've Been Here Awhile


I just want to know what is the result of your case? Did they give you any explanations and helps? I am also experiencing a fraud issue right now and I'm having the exact same issue as you. NO call back from the fraud department and I have paid my bill including the fraud.

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Hello @zihanwei,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂 Hope you are well. That is most definitely not the type of experience I want you to be having and I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I can assure you we take the security of our customer's information very seriously. 


Please reach out to us @CommunityHelps so that we can have a look and determine the next course of action. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.





Re: Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

I've Been Around

I have an active fraud case with Rogers. Someone has activated 3 lines on my account. Three new apple 12 phones where ordered, one for each line. I have called Rogers, I have spent more than an hour on Roger's chat service, I have texted Rogers. Someone said they would call from the fraud department but you guessed it no call. Strangely one phone was sent to me and the other two, no one seems to know where they are. It appears Rogers has not idea what they ship and to whom and where. I want to return the phone, but can't even get a reply to that querry. I will be very mad if I incur any charges at all regarding the fraud. Rogers either needs to hire more people or they need to make some changes to how they interact with their customers. I have been a Rogers customer for over 15 years. May be time to explore another carrier. Anyone have reccommendations?

Re: Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Hello @Jedda2,


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, we are so sorry to hear that you've been a target of fraud. I've been in a similar situation with my email account being compromised, so I definitely understand the type of worry and upset it can cause. You've definitely taken the proper steps in flagging the matter to us right away! 👍


If you have already submitted this claim and are awaiting a call back from our Fraud team, this is the correct first step in getting it resolved. May I ask, when was this originally reported to our Fraud team? It typically takes 5 business days for such a case to be resolved, but of course, that can vary depending on the severity of the issue. Were you ever provided with a free return label to assist in sending the one device back, safely and securely?


I would also recommend adding a 4-digit PIN code to your account going forward if not already done. This is an additional security measure to help ensure that someone cannot gain access to your account information without first providing this code to the agent taking the call/chat. If they cannot provide this code, they will be redirected to the nearest Rogers location to present valid photo ID.


If you would like us to check your account to see what the status of the Fraud case is or to add a 4-digit PIN to your account, please feel free to send us a PM. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Kind regards,

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Apparently my account has been flagged for a Fraud Alert. I was not given any sort of email notification or call. I had to reach out to Rogers to find this out.


Now that I'm trying to resolve the issue, I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. I have left multiple voicemails at multiple numbers 1-888-383-2080 and have not received a response.


Why on earth was I flagged for fraud and not notified in any of the multiple forms of contact provided? I also see on this forum that people don't have much luck contacting the fraud dept, with voicemails the only contact method.


The general help line is unable to take any action, nor are they able to transfer me directly to anyone I can speak to about resolving the matter.I paid 200$ for the deposit and I got no refund.


How can I best reach someone that can help me please 

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

So someone signed up with my name, email and birthdate and a different credit card and was able to get a rogers cell plan.

I quickly found out and cancelled the plan and reported it to the police and to Rogers. Rogers said they would follow up after 72 hours with their fraud crime division. That was 2 weeks ago.. nothing.

I would be VERY scared to use this company  at all..



Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

@fdfdfdffghfhghg I've sent you a private message.  When you're logged into the forum, look for a number overlaying your avatar at the top right hand corner.  The number indicates a waiting message or mention in the forum.  That avatar also serves as a link to your personal pages, including the message inbox.  So, follow the avatar link down to the message inbox.  You can simply respond to any message if that is what you want to do. 

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Hello, @fdfdfdffghfhghg


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can imagine how concerning it is to experience any form of fraud. We take these matters very seriously and would like to look into this for you to see what happened and why you were not contacted within the time frame provided.


Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this for you. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here.



Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

ROGERS does NOT!! Take it seriously.. I never got a call back, or update. 

Thanks for pretending to care.



Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

I've Been Here Awhile
Pretty much the same thing for me I recently moved and last night my internet just stopped working, and now I have come to find my account was entirely cancelled by the fraud department with no reasons given and now I have spent an entire day calling trying to get a hold of anyone there, they claim to have tried calling game back 2 times today and wouldn’t you know it they never actually called my phone, after spending 8 hours on the phone today the last person I spoke to guarenteed me the were emailing the person in the fraud department as we spoke and that I will 100% receive a call today Well it’s now 9:30 at night and my phone has not rang one time today, this fraud department seems like a fraud in itself at this point how you can’t blatantly lie to customers like they are to stupid to notice if some one doesn’t call them back. To add onto all of this I’ve come to find my account was first flagged back in March! Almost 2 months ago and I was not contacted one time and it wasn’t even mentioned when I moved my services to the new adress last month and I’ve also had a technician out since then, so instead they waited until the middle of the night to just cancel all my services, I will now miss to full days of work to get this resolved and honestly probably more than that! All to wait for my person at the fraud department to call me
Back How can one person have that much power over my account where no one else in your entire company can’t give me an answer expect this one specific person who doesn’t even return your calls

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Gsr6 you should call Equifax Canada and Transunion Canada which are the two major credit reporting companies in Canada.  Everyone has a credit record with those companies and you don't need to be a client of those companies to inquire about your credit record.  You can also obtain a freebie credit report from them.  


Ok, so, the purpose of the call is to determine if Rogers has entered an adverse report onto your credit file.  Assuming that the info is available, you should enquire why the adverse report was entered into the file.  It might be nothing more than an automated report from Rogers without any supporting details.  Be prepared to dispute the adverse report, if it exists, in order to restore your credit rating to where it was before this started.  The dispute status will force the two companies to determine the cause of the adverse report and determine if the report should be deleted from the record or allowed to remain as is.  In any event, you should ensure that your dispute with the adverse report is recorded on your file.  


Food for thought, you might want to request a Fraud Alert be placed on your credit file to prevent anyone from taking out unauthorized loans, lines of credit, etc which would be fraudulent.  That alert will remain on your credit file for 6 years.  Never know where the discussion will go when your chatting with the customer reps, but, placing a Fraud Alert on your credit record might prevent some of the current problems from continuing. 

Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Yes I called Equifax and Transunion and have a 6 year watch I think on my account for any activity to notify me.


Rogers never called back, quietly zeroed out the balance, then removed the account.

I think I will contact a news agency about my dealings. I have all my emails and chat history.

Re: Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Hey jedda

Same thing happened with me three weeks ago. Trying to get in touch with rogers and today they said case is closed. Noting have been resolved never get a call back from fraud department. Also 600$ bill is showing on my account. Can you help with this please. Is your issue is resolved? And did you pay any of the extra amount? Please help.
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