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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)
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Jeppe Dorff, a native of Denmark, returned in 2011 to Canada to join Rogers Communications Jeppe Dorff.jpgand brings with him a wealth of global perspective with a career spanning most continents and more than a handful of individual mobile payments and mobile banking deployments. Jeppe joined Rogers Communications where in his role as "Head of Transaction Services" he is responsible for development and execution on the transactional technology, product and business strategy. Most recently he was responsible for the negotiations, which led to the first commercial agreement between an MNO and a bank in Canada. Jeppe is newly appointed board member of the standards organization Global Platform where he will help drive the further standardization and adoption of secure chip technologies spanning mobile, government and internet-of-things.


Prior to joining Rogers Communications, Jeppe has served in multiple executive roles including Vice President, Product, Strategy & Innovation with Mobile Money Ventures (A CitiGroup & SK Telecom Joint Venture), Sr. Vice President, Mobile Transaction Services - Clickatell, where he was responsible for the company's mobile payments division, Director of Product Development EnStream (a Rogers, Bell and TELUS Joint Venture), he was also the Founder & CTO of Secure Wireless Transfers where he developed the award winning KushCash platform, one of the first mobile payment deployments in North America. He is very active in mobile payments and financial inclusion initiatives globally and advises several companies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 


Paul Bradley has over ten years of experience with Gemalto in various technical, training and management roles. He is Paul Bradley.jpgcurrently the technical director for Gemalto Mobile Communications North America. Mr. Bradley manages a team of technical consultants working to define digital security requirements and advanced services including LTE and NFC for operators such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, Tracfone, NII, Rogers. Under Bradley, the team manages the process end-to-end for Gemalto’s UICC products and related services from requirements definition through to customer approval for production. Bradley was instrumental in the launch of the first 3G network worldwide from the USIM perspective and also managed Gemalto’s progress at Vodafone UK. He holds MA and BSc degrees from the University of Dublin.