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Learn about charges related to internet service like overage and equipment fees.


How do overage charges for internet usage work?


Some of our Internet packages  may have a monthly internet usage allowance measured in Gigabytes (GB). If you go over your usage allotment, there will be a charge for usage overage under Usage summary in the Internet section of your bill.


Note: Internet usage overages are charged for a previous month. This differs from your monthly service fee which is billed in advance.


Check out our page on how to monitor your internet usage and prevent internet overage charges.


Our  Ignite Internet packages have unlimited usage and if you subscribe to one of these packages, you don’t need to worry about being charged for usage.



How am I charged for internet equipment?


To provide you with the latest technology, internet packages include a WiFi Gateway rental. If you subscribe to an Ignite TV Bundle, the rental fee for the WiFi Gateway modem is included in your package.


Note: If you don’t have a Bundle, the rental fee is not part of your monthly service fee.  There will be a separate charge for a WiFi Gateway rental.


If the WiFi Gateway is lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll have an Unreturned Equipment charge applied on your bill.


Looking for charges related to wireless internet plans? Switch to the wireless usage-based charges article.



What is the bill impact of cancelling my internet service?


If you subscribe to internet service as a bundle without a term contract and cancel your service, you won’t be charged an early cancellation fee, but bundle savings will be removed, causing your monthly bill to increase.


If you subscribe to internet service on a term contact and cancel your services before the end of your term, we charge an Early Cancellation Fee as set out in your service agreement. This fee depends on the length of your term and the number of months remaining in your term contract.


Note: After cancelling your services, please return any rented equipment (e.g., internet modems) as soon as possible or you could face additional fees for unreturned equipment. Don’t know what to return? See our How to Return Rogers Equipment article.


Still not sure of the bill impacts of cancelling your services? Live chat us before cancelling.



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