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 It is always a good idea to update your email password from time to time for security. Follow these steps to change your Rogers Yahoo! Email password.


  1. Open in your Internet browser (the last slash is needed)
    • If you’re already logged into the Rogers Member Centre you can click on Account Information (mobile devices will need to tap the "☰" icon to see this) and then Change Password and then skip to Step 3.
  1. Enter your or @ email address and password and click Next.
  1. Fill in the Existing Password field with your current password.
  1. Enter the password you want in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.
    • The new password:
      • Is case sensitive
      • Cannot be the same as the username
      • Must be between 7 and 32 characters long.
      • Must contain 2 of the following 4 types of characters: numbers, upper case, lower case, special characters
        • Allowed special characters:- ! @ # $ % ^ *
        • Cannot contain spaces
  1. Click Save to change the password.
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