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While communication platforms continue to evolve as technology advances, email remains one of the most popular.


You can access your Rogers Yahoo! email on desktop computers using browsers or email programs like Outlook, as well as on mobile devices like phones and tablets. 


Ways to access your email account:


Webmail - Use a browser, like Chrome, to access your email account via Webmail.


Email Programs & Devices - Set up your email program, like Outlook, and devices as per the instructions listed in this support article


Can't sign into your email account?


Your email account requires an active Rogers Internet service.


Are you getting any error messages? Here are some tips if you are having trouble logging into your Rogers Yahoo! Email account.



  • If you can't access your Rogers Yahoo! email and your Internet service is active, then it could be related to an incorrect email address or password.
  • Check Caps lock, and Num lock as passwords are case sensitive.
  • Still can't sign in? You can reset your Rogers Yahoo! Email password.


Email programs & Devices:

  • What error message are you getting?
  • Are both “get/send” functions failing (i.e., you are unable to send or receive email)?
  • Can you access your Rogers Yahoo! Email via webmail, while your email is failing through an email program like Outlook or a device?
  • You may need an App Password; check this support article


Advanced users and resident experts who can help find a solution are part of our Community. If you need further assistance with your email access, please start a new message on the Internet board. You can also send us a private message at @CommunityHelps.



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