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PBS free preview on ignite - coming soon?

I've been here awhile

I noticed PBS appear on ignite as a free preview on Jan 19, 2023. I am on 5 Flex ignite. I don't see it listed on the free preview page. I  think this channel should be part of our flex choices. Since it is a free preview, does this mean that PBS might become a flex choice in the future?


Re: PBS free preview on ignite - coming soon?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@patlin Where did you see this?  I just issued the "Free Previews" voice command and did not see it there, just the channels that are listed on Free Previews web site.


Personally, I would rather see Rogers reconsider their decision to remove the US stations from the basic channels that are included in every package.

Re: PBS free preview on ignite - coming soon?

I've been here awhile

As I wrote in my original post, I didn't see PBS in the free preview list either. It was still available on Sunday; however, it was not available for free by yesterday (Monday) morning. I don't mind some US channels not appearing since most of their content appears on Canadian channels; however, some like PBS shows are not usually available. I think PBS should be considered a basic channel or available as a Flex choice.

Re: PBS free preview on ignite - coming soon?

I'm a trusted contributor

I tend to think of this Over-the-Air, US channels cash grab as criminal, so a better name for the package would be the Crime Time pack.

None of the PBS shows are simsubbed (none that I watch anyway), so it would be a good candidate for early parole.

Still, if you don't want to pay the $3, most people are already paying for the Internet, so it's not that difficult to watch the US channels LIVE for free (or via website VOD). Even Stanford University offers free access to the Live feeds of PBS, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX San Fransisco affiliates. Sure, when too many people are streaming, you can't join the party, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea to stream with.

And not all PBS affiliates offer the same programming. I primarily use Buffalo and Seattle as my PBS feeds (using Rogers Legacy tv), but I wouldn't want to give up either one of them. I don't have unlimited Internet in my home, so I don't mind paying Rogers for those more reliable and convenient (since they are recordable) feeds (even though I can still get PBS Buffalo on my antenna, and all PBS content I want from various online sources -- with free wifi access).

My advice is to pay the $3 extortion fee for PBS (while FLEX is perhaps in FLUX), and simply think of it as a pledge to yourself.

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