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Connected Magazine - error

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hi Gina or any of  you other mods that might happen to read this.  I dont know if you have any contacts in the connected magazine to pass this along..  I sent it to the editor@ address but not sure if it will go anywhere.

Just got the Sept 2012 issue.  Great little article on it Re: the Whole Home PVR.

Some BIG errors in it.


These are thing, which i know will be eventualy working on the WHPVR, but currently dont.

There is one box, which explains that they can connect into the box to set their recordings from their iOS or Android device.  This isnt working yet with the nextbox's... still only works for the 8300 boxes...


Also says, that you can set recordings from the other boxes to the PVR.. It looks like this is almost on the way to be ready, but is not yet implemented.. you cant from an HD box set a recording yet on the PVR box.. i tested last night (unless my HD box hasnt got an update for some reason)


I am just worried, that people will sign up for the service, under the pretenses of these feature working.. and have them not there.... false advertising and all.




Re: Connected Magazine - error

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hmmm - I'll check it out... thanks!

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