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Happy two year anniversary community!

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

There have been lots of changes in the community since August 2011 when we celebrated our first year of the forums with a new look, mobile enhancement, and a contest.  In the last year we opened a bunch of new areas in the community based entirely on your feedback: the Windows Phone board, Mobile Internet and General Care and Support boards are examples. We also introduced Rogers RevUp, an ongoing series of Q&A sessions with Rogers products teams, hosting the first two expert events in February. And we just closed another community contest for Accepted Solutions.


What else has changed in the last year?

  • Our membership grew by 50,000 members to over 82,000,
  • Our conversations doubled with postings up to 26,000 for the year, and
  • Together we created 269 solutions for questions in the community

In terms of technology, LTE was probably the biggest thing to happen last year with tons of great Android devices launching on the platform.


What was your favourite moment of the last year? What else would you like to see in the community?


Re: Happy two year anniversary community!

I'm a trusted advisor

Hello Everyone & Happy 2 Year annaiversary to the Rogers Community Website!!!! 🙂

Gina I would like to let you know that you failed to mention that the Nokia Lumia 900 which is a Windows phone launched as well on the LTE network. Same as the Blackberry Playbook 4G / LTE which was just launched this morning.

""In terms of technology, LTE was probably the biggest thing to happen last year with tons of great Android devices launching on the platform.


As for the Community. I like to see people coming in here & asking questions because this will help others when they want to know something they do not know but someone already asked it!.

I love logging in & helping others out & giving my OWN opinion on things.


-The one thing i would like to see, is more Rogers reps that will be able to help more & answer questions. The mods are not able to answer everything  ( which is understandible because they do not have all the answers) but i would like it if more Rogers reps joined & helped out as well. ( maybe some of the people you know that work for Rogers). It will show that Rogers reps do care about the customers.

-I would also love to see more contests & also make the community a bit more fun.

-One thing i would LOVE to see is instead of earning a nick name ( like we do now on the side) is earning a bit more thing, maybe a few community mod spots or something in terms like that. That would be amazing seeing as other community pages are doing this.

-One more thing is that i would love if we as customers of Rogers would be able to tell our own opinion about the company & how they treat us you know? ( As long as its within the limits of not swearing at anyone)

- One last thing. I would love As well for Rogers to bring more info on update for its devices instead of the old same saying ", it's up to the manufacturer to provided the upgrade before we can run tests on our network and release it as appropriate." The Manufactors send the update to Rogers when they release it & Rogers has it for a long time. Its a Shame how we hear the same exact message about everything. This is one thing that bugs me & the rest of the community & i really hope as Rogers mods & reps, we can get more info instead of that just one line. 


I might be asking for a lot, but in the long run it will make the community better.




I really hope all this helps & changes everything. I love being apart of the Rogers community website & helping everyone out. I really hope everyone enjoys the community & helps out. Hopefully next year we have a 3 Year anniversary as well :):).


Thank you for the great experince & for the great times & learning times as well. 🙂

Re: Happy two year anniversary community!

I'm a senior advisor
It's been 2 years already? It's nice to see we have eliminated some of the more basic questions over that time period. I don't often get to reply anymore asking people to powercycle their Digital boxes 😉 I would be interested to know if calls to the call center have dropped in the past 2 years.

Re: Happy two year anniversary community!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You are seeing alot more people come here to the forums, to ask question, rather than calling in it seems.


Been some major ups and downs, specialy in the last year with the nextbox release.  But its nice to see, that weither people like something or not, the information is getting out there and that a wide range of poster have the answers and are contributing.  I see more and more threads with the solution check mark all the time 🙂

Re: Happy two year anniversary community!

I plan to stick around
This is nothing, lets turn back to the time of 1995 when ROGERS Video still open, i remember every Friday after school i went straight to ROGERS VIDEO and rent some X-men cartoon or action movies, n there was BlockBUster also, just a blink and it has been 18 Years, i couldnt believe the name of ROGERS got bigger and bigger now.

Is Rogers Video store still in bussiness ? i wanna rent some movies (Tape one) .
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