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I Plan to Stick Around
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TV upgrade

In Newfoundland we only have a PVR that only has two streams. This is extremely limiting. Anything coming to provide relieve for this?
Product Manager
Product Manager
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Re: TV upgrade

Hi @Mythen,


That's a great question.  However, I'm not able to comment on products and services that have not yet been released.

Also, I'd like to mention that in Rogers TechXpert we only support Rogers internet related and non-Rogers products, such as virus removal, home networking setup, printers, email issues etc.


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Re: TV upgrade

@Mythen I don't know which model PVR you have in Newfoundland, but I have an SA8300HD here in Ontario (which Rogers does not offer anymore) and manage to get by okay with only two simultaneous recordings available at once by occasionally choosing to record from a timeshifted channel in Winnipeg or Vancouver. There is always a way.

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