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Firmware updates and tracking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Who is responsible for developing firmware updates, Hitron or Rogers? Does Rogers run each firmware update through an independent acceptance group charged with determining if the new features function as they should? This group should also conduct regression testing to ensure that nothing else has gone awry during the firmware build. Is that done? An example of this is the login access to the CGN3 in Bridge mode which worked prior to the Dec firmware update. This no longer works. Will it return someday?


Can a list of known bugs for the modems be published on a web page so that customers don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding these out.


Can a list of planned objectives for each future build be published on a web page. This can be just a simple list and would be nothing but a copy and paste from the build docs. It would, or should be easy to accomplish.


Re: Firmware updates and tracking

Product Manager
Product Manager

@Datalink Rogers is the primary driver of firmware updates however Hitron provides fixes to issues that have been identified with other ISPs and by Intel as part of their base code.


Firmware is tested by a group within Rogers, outside of product management and engineering under the customer experience team.

In terms of the bugs we would love to receive info directly from our customers including how to replicate so we can provide them to the manufacturer to correct.


Thanks for the additional feedback it is appreciated.

Re: Firmware updates and tracking

How does the community get that feedback to yourself or a member of your staff as there is no engineering point of contact as seen from the customers point of view?

Re: Firmware updates and tracking

@Datalink there are a couple of ways...1 Rogers community IdeaBox, and/or tag me in your post.

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