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Pay-As-You-Go Plan - Renewal

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I just had a couple of question about my Rogers Pay-As-You-Go Plan. It has been a year and my plan should be topped-up/renewed. I am not sure how I should go about doing so. It says my next payment date is May 3rd, 2019, but I cannot text anyone. So I suspect, my plan should be renewed for the next year. Do I add money to the balance in my plan? Or do I need to go in-store to get my sim card checked out?





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Re: Pay-As-You-Go Plan - Renewal

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@erinlea35 Exactly which plan do you have? I have the original plan and can see what my balance is and I can talk and text all I want because it's over $200. It expires on 16 Sep 2018, at which time I will apply $100 from that to renew for another year.

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Re: Pay-As-You-Go Plan - Renewal

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Calling customer service @ 1 800 575 9090 is going to be the fastest way to find out where you are at .   You can  skip through the automated answer a little faster to get to a real person  by choosing 4 for the first response , 4 for the second and 1 for the third .

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This is the pay as you go line  so there will likely  be little to no wait time if you call during their business hours . 

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