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I've Been Here Awhile

Does anyone know why rogers wants to cancel Amc?





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Rogers and AMC are in the midst of negotiations (it's always about money) -- so Rogers could lose AMC. It would be their choice not to pay for the channel. Regardless of what Facebook says, it could happen. 


If it does - my services are gone. Mine, my mom's, my husband's phone, my mother-in-law --- we will all cancel all of our non-contract services and Rogers will lose over $1k per month. And my network of friends are all zombie people. (I am lucky to count among my friends organizers of zombie walks, genre fans and filmmakers and more!) There will be a mass migration. 


If Bell was smart they'd start promoting that they have AMC HD and offer signing discounts for zombie-lovers. 



I've Been Here Awhile Please go to this site and follow the steps to send Rogers an email.


Rogers has posted a comment and has reassured that they have no intention to drop lets talk about AMC HD;).


I've Been Around

Just talked to Rogers and I was told it is AMC leaving Rogers .. Sounds like bull to me. It's the only channel I watch- guess another company will be happy for my business!


Every once in a while, cable networks renegotiate contracts with the providers. When the negotiations do not go thier way, they try to rile up the customers as leverage to get more out of the cable company. if the cable company pays more than is comfortable, the price of our service goes up. To be fair to everyone, we should also write AMC that they would be losing customers as well if they try to drive our prices up. I believe that a solid performer like AMC deserves more money for the quality original programming they produce, but not if it will hit the customers pocketbook. So, Rogers is not dropping the channel, it is more likely that they refused the first demand put on the table.