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High Ping on Cellular Data Internet

I've been here awhile

Up until last week I've been able to use my Rogers cellphone for primary internet.


Since last week,  my ping to anywhere is in the 500-900 range. I try to connect to a server that's less than 1km from me, and the ping is over 500. It's apparently routing through Toronto, to Montreal, and then back to the building that's practically next door to me.

If I go to, my download speed is fine, but my ping is over 300.

I've been trying to get direct technical support, but the Tier 1 can't solve the problem. Resetting my network in General settings on the iPhone -does  not work- and whatever reset they're doing on their end doesn't work etiher.

Apparently this has been an issue for other people too. I just don't get why it's rerouting from the tower, to Toronto, then back again. If I plug in a Telus SIM to the phone, it works fine. Ping is under 30ms.

How do I get in touch with Tier 2 support, or get this addressed? I've received an email from them, telling me to get in touch with them at but there is no option for me to contact support, only read articles that have no bearing on my issue.


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Re: High Ping on Cellular Data Internet

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This can happen when there are changes, repairs, or upgrades to the infrastructure of the network. Towers carrying that connection from tower to tower over hundreds of miles is nothing new before that reaches the ground.

Your cellular data is not intended to be your home internet service either.
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