How to set up voicemail on your Android Phone

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Follow these steps to set up wireless voicemail for the first time on Android:

  1. Open the dial pad on your Phone.

  2. Press and hold 1 to access voicemail.

  3. When prompted, enter the temporary password (the last four digits of your wireless phone number).

  4. Follow the prompts to set up a new password.

  5. Follow the prompts to record your name or business name.

    Note: If you don’t want to record a name and leave it blank, press # to continue.

  6. Follow the prompts to either record a personal greeting or to use the default greeting.

To check your voicemail, press and hold 1 on your dial pad and enter your new password. Any unheard voicemail messages will automatically play.

Voicemail shortcuts - Regular Voicemail

  • 1 (press and hold) - Access voicemail
  • 11 - Rewind to beginning of message
  • 1 - (during message) Rewind 10 seconds
  • 33 - Jump to end of message
  • 3 - Fast-forward 10 seconds
  • 44 - Go back one message
  • 8 - Dial caller's phone number

42121 - Turn on password skip