Port Validation Security Measures

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Port Validation Security Measures

There are scams currently where a scammer determines a person's mobile phone number and then calls the service provider to have the number ported over to another carrier.  All calls and texts then get routed to the scammers phone with the new carrier, allowing them to intercept verification text messages and possibly access the person's bank accounts and other services.  Some U.S. providers have increased security by creating a port validation service were clients create a new password which is just for porting phone numbers.  This password is separate and unique from any other pins or passwords with the carrier and must be provided to port the number via a telephone conversation or on-line chat.  Lost or forgotten passwords would have to be corrected in person at a local retail outlet with proper ID.  I could not find any search results under "port validation" on the Rogers site, so if they don't have any such measures in place, I would like this passed along to upper management for consideration.


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Re: Port Validation Security Measures

Hello, @Tank252ca


Scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated so it's important to stay up to date with what's going on to stay ahead of them.


We appreciate you providing us with your suggestion to help make things more secure for everyone on our network. We do require more information to port a number than the customer's name and phone number so we do have measures in place to prevent this type of thing from happening already.


Thank you for your diligence in preventing Identify Theft which has become quite the problem. We will pass along your suggestion for review.



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Re: Port Validation Security Measures

Two times my number has got ported in a scam in the past 4 months. We set up a pin on the account, when I called yesterday and we went through the security questions I wasn’t even asked for the PIN number we created on the account, I don’t understand what we’re doing here anymore. No one has contacted me to provide any details or any type of explanation on how it happens and how Rogers is going to keep me safe going forward.

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Re: Port Validation Security Measures

Good morning @michaelapc!


Welcome to our Community!


Your account's security is of the utmost importance to us. I would like to take care of this for you so that you can rest easy going forward.


There are some measures we can take to prevent port outs. Please PM us @CommunityHelps and I will make sure your account is as secure as we can possibly make it. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.