Is this Fraud? What should I do?

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Is this Fraud? What should I do?

I have 5 charges on my credit card today listed as "Rogers wireless" each charged at $16.95. What is this? I only have home internet with Rogers. I've been on the phone with customer service at Rogers for over 30 mins and she keeps putting me on hold and coming back with nothing. She can't figure this out? These charges are not authorized. What do I do????

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Re: Is this Fraud? What should I do?

@sophiasorrenti call your credit card company and advise them of the unauthorized charges.  Best case scenario, its a simple mistake on the part of a Rogers agent, worst case scenario, your card is the subject of fraudulent activity, in which case, the card should be cancelled and a new card issued.  Check with the card company for any other possible unauthorized charges. I would deal with the card company first, Rogers second, personal opinion.