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Caller ID Spoofing and Spam Calls

I've been here awhile

Scammers apparently are
showing my phone number as where their calls originate. Four times today I have had people call me wondering why I had called them. This also happened one day last week. How can I stop this.



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Re: Caller ID Spoofing and Spam Calls

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

There's probably nothing you can do, besides perhaps putting a new outgoing message on your phone saying it's been spoofed and you're not a scammer. The scammers will probably change the number they are spoofing after using it for a little while.  They tend to rotate through numbers, although that's not guaranteed.

Re: Caller ID Spoofing and Spam Calls

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

There is nothing you can do, spoofing can not be stopped right now, There is a glimmer of hope in the future. Stir Shaken technology once fully implemented, when you call someone in the future, it will show a Green checkmark and/or say Verified caller on their display under your number.   But if soneone spoofs your number, it will show a red X and or a message that says "caller can not be verified" under your number.


So yes the technology is there but it is still being implemented and will take effect in the future so yes there is a glimmer of hope.  The handsets will have to have a software update done on them too, to receive the certificate with verification info to allow it to display the checkmark.


It may not STOP the spoofed calls, but it will atleast WARN someone the number they see may not really be the person on the other end.  once people understand this, they will be reluctant to call a number back and say "why did u call me" bla bla bla.

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