[humor] Use DNA instead of NFC?

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[humor] Use DNA instead of NFC?

Any plans to use DNA instead of NFC?


We might forget our NFC-enabled phone at home but we won't forget our "DNA-enabled body" at home.


(inspired from this futuristic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCA7FWF1pk)

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Re: [humor] Use DNA instead of NFC?

Hi Mathieu,


Not quite the use of DNA but a step towards it is being worked upon by using a personal area network to facilitate bootstrapping a secure exchange.


Have a look here: http://www.ego-project.eu/egotechnology and here http://www.ego-project.eu/egotechnology/intra-body-communication


So as you can see, an interesting next step is already being thought out...