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Features to Turn Off to Lengthen the Life of Your Battery

I plan to stick around

I love the Samsung Captivate II LTE. I don't have any complaints about the battery but you should learn what are the things you can turn off. Also, if you don't use something or use it infrequently turn it off and turn it on only when you need it. It's really a personal issue as to what you need or want but here are a few suggestions that might work for you.



  • Settings > Wireless and network > Flight mode > Enable (Green checkmark)
  • Settings > Wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings > Turn off Wifi (No green checkmark)
  • Settings > Wireless and network > Wif-Fi Direct settings > Turn off
  • Settings > Wireless and network > Bluetooth settings > Turn off Bluetooth(No green checkmark)
  • Settings > Mobile network settings > Use packet data (Deactivate data network) Do this if you only need Phone & Messaging
  • Settings > Mobile network settings > Data Roaming > Disconnect
  • Settings > Location and security > Use Wireless Networks > Disable
  • Settings > Location and security > Use GPS Satellites > Disable


Check Settings > Power Saving Mode for more choices:


Power Saving Mode

  • Use Power Saving Mode
  • Power saving on at


Power Saving Mode Settings

  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off GPS
  • Turn off Sync
  • Brightness
  • Screen Timeout
  • Power Saving Tips to Read


Thanks to the Community Manager for suggesting on another thread to post these suggestions here.


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