New Ignite TV Bundle Pricing

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New Ignite TV Bundle Pricing

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Hey Community,


In October, we reduced the rental rate of Ignite TV Boxes, from $10 to $5 per month, for customers who have more than one box in their home. Good news! We’re giving you even more reasons to upgrade to Ignite TV.


On January 20, the cost of Rogers Ignite TV bundles are now $25 - $35 less per month! New customers or the ones migrating to an Ignite bundle will benefit from the new rates. You get the same great product for a lower price.








All bundles will continue to include 1 Ignite TV Box, 1 Ignite Modem and Ignite Home Phone service.

You can continue to add additional Ignite TV boxes for $5/mo.

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Is this something that existing ignite customers can switch over to pricing wise as well?


Hello @Gdkitty,


I know how important it is to get the best pricing for your services! We'll be more than happy to review your account to see what options are available.


Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps and we can get started on this for you. For those unfamiliar with our Private Messaging system please check out our Blog.



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Take a look at the following mobilesyrup online article:


Note the following quote:


"Existing Ignite TV subscribers can switch to a reduced-price internet bundle at no additional cost, according to a Rogers spokesperson in a phone call with MobileSyrup."


Don't know why Rogers doesn't simply reduce every Ignite TV subscribers rate's, all in one fell swoop.  How hard can it be?  Right???

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I just called in and they had to put in a "back office" request to change my pricing. While I certainly appreciate the lower price, I wouldn't have even known about this if I didn't frequent this forum.
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I agree with gdkitty, this seems a strange way to advise customers of a price decrease.

Plus, where did these tiers come from?


An average customer does not visit the CF. How will they become aware of this price change and understand which tier they are in? 



Good evening @cwrb ,


All our pricing information is updated/announced on , not just shared with the Community. You can find all the bundles here. We always encourage the users here as well as our customers to keep an eye out on for all things new! Additionally, you can view the name and pricing of your current bundle on your invoice. 


Hope this helps 🙂.





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Zia, thanks for the addn info.

So, an existing customer, not regularly checking the Rogers website, wouldn't become aware of a reduction in their Ignite service?

And, when I was asked to sign up to Ignite, no one made me aware there was more than one tier.

I am concerned about this lack of appropriate communication...and will discuss further with the president's office (who I am dealing with currently on another related matter). 

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Hello @RogersMaude @RogersDarrell 


I have to agree with everyone here. Maybe it's best Rogers send out a email to the ones which have the service, letting them know that the price has decreased and they need to call in for this.


I find it also strange that the current customers need to switch to this instead of Rogers doing it from the back end on those accounts. Let's be real here. Rogers can do it but is making customers call in to do this. Not only wasting their time waiting on the line to speak to someone, but also has to do it when Rogers should automatically do it.


Also please remember. Not all your thousands of customera visit the site on a daily basis. Not everyone sees the forums. It would be amazing customer service to send out a email notification or have someone contact the customers which have the Ignite TV and let them know. 


Also always good to see pricing going down! Might have to get the service my self and come back to Rogers ;).


Thank you!

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Meowmix, my thoughts exactly! 


Maude  I have spent some time looking and cannot find a website page referring to the tiers you show in your post. 

When I go to my Rogers and select Change Internet Service, I am taken to a page showing my current service and a reference to the 150 rate.

I don't see tiers anywhere. 

Can you pls respond to this post with a DIRECT link to a page showing the tiers for the various services. 

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Too little too late. If this had come a couple of months ago we *might* still be customers. But TBH dumping Rogers was a long time coming and we have no regrets.
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I finally found the Ignite services /bundle webpage (couldn't find it by entering 'ignite' in Rogers search engine).

Zia's link only went to the main page.

Tough sledding to remain current on ignite offerings and pricing...


I have advised the predicts office. Let's see if that generates positive change. 

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Hey @cwrb!

Sorry to hear you were having issues locating the bundles on! When I check both your link as well as 
@RogersZia's it provides the same URL so it's likely when you selected it you succumbed to a cache issue.

All relevant and available information that pertains to our Ignite Bundle offerings is listed on that page but let us know if you have any questions 


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Have a look at this link:


On that page there is a "View Prices" link.  Use that link to see the following bundle presentations, where each section, Select, Popular, Premier has its own "internal" links to change the internet data rate and the price as well.  So, you have use that View Prices link, then use each internal link to see the individual pricing.  Those prices do follow the pricing chart that was originally posted in the blog. 


Ignite TV bundle prices.png



Further down on the page is the Starter section.  You have to use the "Learn More" link to get to the pricing details.  There aren't any links to see the pricing details above the 150 Mb/s data rate.  So, where that info comes from is a good question. 


In a nutshell, if you want to compare the prices, as shown in the original chart, you have to click thru all of the links to create your own chart, and even then, the starter bundle pricing doesn't show the 500 Mb/s and gig prices.  So, how many customers or potential customers are going to go thru all that trouble?  


Fwiw, from that Ignite TV page, here's the content provider sources.  Interestingly it show CanadaPost as a provider.  Don't know what they have to do this unless perhaps CanadaPost is used as a an address checker:


Ignite TV content sources.png

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Talk about bad timing...I called Rogers on the 19th to upgraded my current rogers TV to Ignite.  My base price on my order detail letter is listed as 219.99.  Installation has not even happened yet and will be done tomorrow (26th) so my actual bill has not changed as of today.  I did get many perks to upgrading when I talked to the Ignite Concierge to upgrade: waived 150 install fee, 6 month free Crave+movies+HBO, 6 month free super sports pack, and 1 year 40 dollar per month off bundle.   Wonder if I should call back and see if I can get that base price lowered or was the 40 dollar reduction per month for 1 year was given to me in anticipation of rate change the next day? 

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Sounds like you have a reasonable price, better than the $184.99 shown in the original table at the top.  Only way to improve that would be to have more channels added to the channel line up, I think.  I haven't looked at your additional channels and compared those to the bundle channels as shown in the web page.  


My guess is that Rogers will have to sharpen their pencils a little more to entice people to switch to the Ignite TV service.  If you're happy with the price, I'd say wait it out and see if the price drops even further during the year, below your $40 reduction.  If so, call back at that point and see if you can retain or improve the channel line-up with new the reduced price included. 

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I have been reading these posts - I was one of the ones early in the introduction that said that the pricing would keep me out of and that there was no thoughts of even considering it.


I see the reductions, but for me I am on the low end of the basic package mixes (75mbs 500GB), home phone which I want my on screen call id on TV and battery backup, and I am not fully confident with the product based upon reports, but then again, the Hitron modem is questionable at best anyway.


So it is nice to see the reductions, but for me I am looking at 25.00 discounts from the original pricing and 10.00 for two extra boxes, when I own my own boxes now, so overall it is still increases.


That is my case,


but I would like to comment on communication - whether it is a cache iss that someone didn't see the changes, or they are just hard to find as suggested by some, you will have to build those tables nicely presented in the forum to make those comparisons, at this point, I have not seen any existing customer of Ignite TV stating they were contacted to see about changing their price plans - sure it is here and on the web site - but what if you don't look at either.


If you read Reddit, you may have seen it, and there are no adds or news stories about it at this time.


So Rogers does not seem to be making these changes easily known to the.


The new prices on the MyRogers shop section provide the new prices, but they do not mention that the rates have been decreased, the boxes have been decreased in price and that these changes are available to existing customers.


So for the typical person who just pays their bills, watches TV and nothing is going wrong, so they never talk to Rogers until the term ends, which on the previous plans the prices stayed the same unless we change the services, or Rogers announces.  I don't know if they will be announcing to people on their bill of these changes in flyers or notices on the electronic bill.


I am not an Ignite TV customer, but I would never receive a notice change of this nature, but it is not a change of our plan and pricing, it allows us to change and I have my notices set for privacy and marketing to no contacyt accept for contract changes - of which this would not be one.  I have to enitiatie it, so for those who don't know when they find out, I expect they are not going to be a very happy group of people.


I hope Rogers looks at retroactively providing these discounts to January 20th, not lke the person who called the day after and told it will change next month.  It is only fair.  Rogers has changing the rate, they weren't using a term or contract model, and why not treat it as a contract change on pricing.


I can see putting it out as a notice on the bill, writing the change on the backend could be done, but we have see how often backend changes do not necessarily work out too well - consider the cancellation of Shomi, or centre ice and the options put into place to compensate those people on contracts.  These were done back end, but individual deals were done as we heard on here, and it was all over the place.


So I agree with others, Rogers has missed the boat again and left their existing customers of Ignite TV bundles a bit out to hang to dry.  They are not being directly told of the changes, they get it through word of mouth - the forums - not a direct point of contact to customers who don't use it, it is not on Facebook, and it was on Reddit, but again, not an official channel.


So it drifts by word of mouth - what is stopping Rogers from learning to be proactive and get these changes immediately to the existing customers, at least letting them know that adjustments will come, or in their notices, to call in and learn about the opportunities for change.


But this is not a new story, communication still is not one of Rogers strong points, and it often leads to frustration and confusion for all.


Hope the existing users all get discounts soon.



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1 am making one last attempt to provide the link to Rogers Ignite bundle pricing.

It doesn't include the tiers for each service type...I am trying to find those details.


Still no mention Rogers will include in next bill so all ignite customers need to contact billing and request the reduction (and don't allow them to reduce the reduction by increasing your cost elsewhere)

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I have just updated my Ignite account. 

Bottom line is $20/mo LESS for ignite 1g vs 500mb and I can easily revert back to 500mb if I am unhappy with the 5g or 2.4g speeds.


Remember, 5g is your cell phone and tablet service (approx 30-40mbps with the 500 ignite). 

2.4g is your service for computers (50-200mbps with 500 ignite).

These speeds are on a Saturday afternoon in Markham and are wireless. I normally see 10% degradation in speed vs wired or right beside the modem. 

Also remember, I has the tech out to redo all my coax connection a few days ago  


BTW, heather from Moncton is the best billing agent I have dealt with at Rogers in the last 5 years. 


Good luck with your negotiations on price adjustment!! 


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My Nextbox 3.0 just busted over the weekend (a rental). Does anyone know if I would I be able to switch to Ignite TV rather than keeping a 6-7 year old technology? My contract is up in October, as far as I know.

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Shouldn't Rogers simply replace the nextbox at no cost?  


In any event, have a look at the following page:


Call the indicated number (Ignite TV Concierge??) and see what they say.  Keep in mind that this is more expensive than the nextbox service.  If you do decide to switch, see if Rogers will waive the install cost and throw in a few addons for channels.  Good Luck.....


Good afternoon @OrleansFam!


Welcome to our Community!


That's a good question and we'd be more than happy to answer it for you! We can go over pricing options with you too. 🙂


Please PM us @CommunityHelps and we'll check into Ignite TV availability in your area. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Well meaning responses. 

I will just add I switched to Ignite 150 this month and save $40/mo from my previous netbox service and only paid $50 installation charge..and received a $100 amazon credit.

It depends on how long you have been with Rogers and how hard you want to negotiate. 

I Plan to Stick Around

I still have problems with this silly community forum tool.

Rogers, you need to make it much simpler for the average customer!!!


Here is my Speedtest results from 5pm today...150mbps Ignite service. 

There is a lot behind this but after trying 1000mbps, 500 and 150, 500mbps, these results at 5 pm today are ASTOUNDING! 






I'm New Here

As a Rogers ignite and wifi customer I think customers should have been offered the discount, if I hadn't been on here I wouldn't have been aware. Ive already started looking around for a different service. Is this discount still available? 


Hello @1lae,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Thanks for posting your question here! 🙂


As I'm sure you are well aware, offers and promotions are always coming and going. We always recommend to customers to try and pop into every once in a while to see what's new!


Regretfully, we do not typically reach out to our customers on a one-by-one basis to advise them of new promos or pricing as that would be quite difficult a task considering the number of subscribers we currently have. 


As per the original post in this blog above, the pricing structure is still the same at this time for new customers who are setting up Ignite TV bundle services. We'd certainly hate to lose you as our valued customer. If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we check for some more cost-effective options for you. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you!


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Just tried calling Rogers and was told that there was no $5/mth for additional ignite boxes and also that I get no credit for being a loyal customers for over 20 years. I have to pay the listed price for switching to ignite while if I move I can get a $30 credit??