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Curious how fast your Internet connection is? Trying to troubleshoot a speed related issue? Look no further!


  1. Open your preferred Web browser and go to Rogers Speed Check.
  2. Click Check Your Speed and then Begin Test in the new window that will be opened.
  3. Watch while Rogers Speed Check measures your download and upload speeds.

Check out this quick tutorial on best practices while testing your internet speeds.

Jargon Buster


Upload: This is the speed at which your upstream Internet connection allows you to send files to other computers, servers or other online resources. 


Download: This is the speed at which your downstream Internet connection allows you to receive files. 


Gbps/Mbps/Kbps: Stands for Gigabits, Megabits and Kilobits per second. Gigabits, Megabits and Kilobits are a measure of data speed, not to be confused with a Gigabytes, Megabytes or Kilobytes which are a measure of data storage. There are eight Megabits in a Megabyte. In other words, divide the speed in megabits per second (Mbps) by eight to get the megabytes per second (MB/s).  

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