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Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile



After months of battling with tech support - I am now writing here to hopefully get some help/advice with a long-standing issue of getting consistently slow download and upload speeds (tested with speedtest) even on Ignite 100u. I do not know when exactly this started but I started doing speed tests this July and up until now I am getting consistently downloads speeds of approx 30mbps and only 2mbps up.  With Ignite 100u I am expecting somewhere near 100 down and at least 10 up.


I have a CGN3ACSMR running on bridged mode on firmware.  I only connect this to one main wireless router (an Asus RT-AC68R running in Wireless Router Mode with latest firmware).


I have been calling Rogers tech support since July, and have gone through 3 techs coming to my house to troubleshoot. The latest tech came in today and told me the same thing the second tech who came a 6 weeks ago told me: That the issue is outside my house - either with cabling or the actual tap equipment underground.  The tech who came in today tried to refer the issue to the "Maintenance Group" but he was told not to, as the second tech who came in last September 29th has already done so. My question is how come nothing is being done yet nor did I hear back from anyone? I know permits from the city can take time as well as locates but seriously - 6 weeks already?


Furthermore, I tried going to this site to check for any "burial appointments" that may have been generated from the previous referral : - and to my surprise I got nothing - no open orders.  I'm not even sure if this is the correct site to check for outdoor cabling appointments. Anyhow, I am now at a loss as to whom I can follow-up on this issue with?


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You likely wouldnt find anything on the burial site.. that is only for if there is a burial scheduled for your house.  If they replaced the line from the street to the house with a temp one, and needed a new one burried underground.


From the sounds of it, that the tech says its for maintenance.. i am HOPING that they did their job correctly, and its something before the street box... which yes only mainteanance can do.
Problem is, that stuff can take FOREVER.  Took over 2 months for it to be fixed where i am 😞

But otherwise then.. asssuming that is fixed.. there shouldnt be anything preventing you from getting those speeds.  I am on the same plan where i am, and can pull 120ish download, and about 10.5 upload.


The tech should have checked this, etc.. but could you post your signal levels anyways?  You may have to un-bridge the modem.  (just to make sure)
Are you able to do a speed test as well, just plugged straight into the modem, no router inbetween?
Also, where are you located? And what speed test server are you using? (it can make a difference sometimes)

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi, thanks for the reply.  I just unbridged the modem, made sure that wireless is turned off on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, and connected my laptop via Cat-6 cable directly to one of the modem's ports. The main Rogers cable comes in and gets split by a 3-way splitter as follows : -3.5db to the internet modem, -7db to the home phone modem, and -7db to the TV box.  The splitter is new by the way - just replaced by the tech yesterday 🙂 


I am in the northeastern part of Markham - near Major Mackenzie and Markham Road. 


The speedtest tool I use is the one recommended by Rogers : (but using also yields similar results all the time). It may be worth it to note that every time I do a speedtest, the first few seconds of the downstream test it spikes to about 90mpbs and quickyl falls back to 30 or below - as can be seen on the graph in the screenshot attached below.  


The requested information is below (signal levels and speedtest result).


One piece of info I see being asked often is also the cmts-mac on the event logs. Mine begins with: CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:





Signal Levels:

Downstream Overview

Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
123700000ATDMA - 64QAM40.526400000
238596000ATDMA - 64QAM40.533200000
330596000ATDMA - 64QAM40.516400000


Speedtest Screenshot:


Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Signal, They are a little on the low side.  Not insanely low that it should fully be the whole issue here though.


Guess as the tech said that it was a maintenance issue..  that the signal at the street is poor to begin with.

(really the only way to test that, would be to take out the splitter, and go straight from the outside connection to the modem and see if there is an increase.. should jump up a LITTLE (3db or so).  But generally better for it to be on the just over 0 side, that the split drops it to just below if anything.


If your using the rogers one, then yeah, end server choices arent an issue then (can make a difference on


The spike then drop, is normal in general.. thats speed boost kicking in for the first bit.

But its like the BASE level.. its like your more at the 60 package and spiking up.


Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile

Okay so I tried temporarily connecting the modem directly to the line coming into the house. without any splitters. I also did the same test. As you have said, signals did increase by approx 3db. However the speedtest gave me the same results.  Below is the chart of signal levels and speedtest results taken after I did the direct connection. 


I wonder if it could be a setting somewhere within the Rogers system that fixed/limits my speeds to those low numbers? As if I was on a much lower plan.  


The last tech who came yesterday also told me if nothing changes within a few days I could try to ask Rogers to send an "in-house" tech.  I guess there is a difference between a regular tech (probably 3rd party contractor) vs techs that are directly employed by Rogers?


Or do I have to ask for the "Maintenance" department (if that's even an option) and see if anything is scheduled? But I'm afraid tech support might give me the run-around again... 🙂



Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
138596000ATDMA - 64QAM37.7533200000
230596000ATDMA - 64QAM36.516400000
323700000ATDMA - 64QAM36.2526400000



Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

As far as i am aware, any tech could potentially escalate it up to maintenance.. though the contractors may be less inclined to?

Might be worth calling and trying to get them to escalate it up to a tech manager or an actual rogers tech to come out.  They would likely have a bigger sway and may be more likley to get Mantenance involved.


It does seem more like its something at the tap/down the line further.


While they are there, you could get them to make sure that your plan, etc IS provisioned properly for the right speeds, etc.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile

Okay thanks I will follow up with them and have them verify my provisioning.


Thanks again for all your help!


Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
If you call again, we can temporarily unbridge this modem and run the speedtest embedded in the firmware. If the speeds are fine there, then this issue is on your home network.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile

Getting extremely slow download speeds on ignite 100u after 4 days of connection. For initial 3 days download speeds were great about 130 Mbps. Now the download is about 30 Mbps on wired connection and 13 Mbps on WiFi. Please assist

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

As the users above, are you able to log into the modem and post what the signal levels are, etc?

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I Plan to Stick Around

 Hey Guys,


I have a recurring issue that began approx. 5 months ago. My internet speeds are slow (upload and download) usually between noon and 11pm. I currently subscribe to the Rogers Ignite 100u service.


My wife has complained about slow speeds when accessing her work server when she works from home during the mentioned hours. She has even placed a service ticket with her IT department, their investigation claimed/confirmed that there are no issues on their end and it may possibly be with her internet provider.


The slow speeds are also confirmed through my enrolment in the SamKnows program. There are times that my upload speed has been as low as 2Mbps and download speed as low as 15Mbps.


I have called Rogers Internet tech support and have had 2 techs come out to my place. The first call, the tech support rep claimed that there was an issue with my signal. The first service tech came over and did in fact confirm that I had a signal issue. He changed some splitters and connectors. After he completed everything, he claimed that all is good and I should have no further issue. Unfortunately, I continued to have issue after his visit and the SamKnows reports continued to show low speeds at the same times.


I called Rogers Internet tech support again, one week after the first visit; the rep did some tests and claimed that my signal is still not at optimal strength and he would send out a service tech for the second time to rectify the issue. The second service tech came and was not able to find and issue with my service/signal. I showed him the SamKnows reports and he had no explanation to why I have this issue.

He suggested to me that I disconnect my own personal router (Netgear Nighthawk AC1900) and run the SamKnows whitebox directly to the Rogers modem (CGN3ACSMR) as my router may be the issue.

I didn't understand how my router would be the issue as the issue only occurs during certain times of the day.

(I don't have any bandwidth limit/restriction setting activated on my router)

I proceeded in following his suggestion to use the Rogers Modem as my residential gateway and connected the SamKnows whitebox directly to my Rogers Modem. It has been 4 days since the second visit and the issue is still present.


If this continues to be an ongoing problem, I may have to look for an alternative internet provider. 

I hope this issue can be resolved and would appreciate any feedback from forum members or mods.

I apologize for the long post as I wanted to provide as much info as possible to describe the issue.


Below is the link to my modem signal strength levels and SamKnows speed charts.







Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Signal is not horrible.. not enough that it should be effecting that speed that much.
(that durring a good time? or bad time?)

My guess??

Congestion.  There are possibly oversold in the area, or there is an issue with the local node..
Durring other times, there is no issues.. but as MORE people get on.. the issue starts appearing.

If you do decide to switch, just be aware, that if you change to another provider who goes over cable, you might run into similar issues.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for your response Gdkitty!


What you are say is that technically I'm stuck with the issue and have to deal with it? LOL


It's unfortunate that is has only started in the past 5 months. Everything was great for the past couple of years from when they released Hybrid internet and now Ignite.

I really don't want to switch to a different provider; but if that is my only option, I have to do some thinking.

If I do switch, it would not be for another cable internet provider, it would be the only other option that provides fibe.


Should I call Rogers Tech support again and insist that they do something about it?

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

One thing you could do is run pinglotter, looking for any packet loss issues.  Pingplotter will run in Pro mode for 14 days before it steps down to freebie mode if you don't buy a licence for it, and in freebie mode, for checking the modem to CMTS path for packet loss or anything else out of the ordinary, its fine.  Here's a link to a post that I put together for pingplotter monitoring, should you decide to do this:


One other item to do, if you want to use pingplotter, is request firmware version  That will take care of the IPV4 ICMP ping issue, so that you will see the actual response time from the CMTS in the pingplot.


Here's the instructions for requesting the trial version:


Have a look at message # 471 (top post) on the following page for instructions on requesting the trial version,


When you are sending the private message as indicated in that post, also log into your modem and copy the HFC MAC address and modem Serial number and paste that into the message. The HFC MAC Address and modem Serial Number can be found on the STATUS page that is displayed when you log into the modem. The Cable Modem MAC Address and S/N can also be found on the back of the modem.


Here's a link to a post that shows the difference in the ping times, before and after the trial version is loaded:


So, thats what I would do, load the trial version and run pingplotter to see what turns up. 


Are you seeing the problem with both ethernet and wifi connected devices?



Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Having the same issue. Upgraded to 100u last month. Since Thursday wifi has been 2mbps download.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I've Been Here Awhile

Spoke with Rogers Tech Support twice, everything on the line is good.They checked the signals et all, everything looks good. The internet speeds are inconsistent. At times I am getting 120 Mbps down then 30 mins later its 8 Mbps. And there is no trend. Last night I tried at 2 AM the speed was 6 Mbps , this morning it was 18 Mbps.  I am really bothered to see the inconsistencies. Looks like to get consistent speed I would have to move to Bell Fibe which worked perfect for me for 4 months before I ditched it to get higher 100 Mbps speed.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

If your willing to post the singal levels here.. we can confirm.
There is 'within spec' which is about all the people on the phone will look at.. and there is GOOD levels.  You could still be within spec, and it be causing issues.. if thats on the boarderline at a GOOD time, then a bad time, its going further out of spec, etc.


Thats one thing, again if you are able to do it.. is get it at a GOOD time, and a BAD time.  See if there is any difference.   If thats the case, could be a failing connector/splitter, etc.. 

Beyond that, could be something more local.. the local lines, node, etc thats having problems.

I am on 100u, can can get consistant speeds.. so i know rogers is capable of it.   
But every house, street, subdivision, etc is different 😞 could be a problem somewhere.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I Plan to Stick Around

I am new to Rogers Internet.  Having come from Teksavvy I guess I was a Rogers customer in a round about way since Teksavvy uses the Rogers cable infrastructure for the last mile.  The Teksavvy service was able to deliver the stated speed rating of 25Mb/s.  I first moved from Teksavvy to Fido with its $60/month 60Mb/s unlimited promotion, however Fido's speed was less than 5Mb/s.  Fido sent two InTek technicians to my residence on two separate occassions and both technicians reported the cable had the proper signal strength and acceptable noise.  After the second technician's report, Fido advised me to cancel its service.  The InTek technician advised me to get Rogers' service as these issues in their words wouldn't happen.  So I signed up for the Ignite 100u $65/month promotion.  The speed of the service with Rogers is no better than Fido.  I have placed 3 support calls to Rogers and the first two told me that there was a service outage in my area.  On the third call I learned the service outage is over, and now the speed problem I am experiencing needs to be escalated to tier 2/3.  


Currently I'm getting 7.3Mb/s from as noted here:

and Rogers states a higher speed but still only 1/4 the rated speed it should be providing:

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

I Plan to Stick Around

I don't think the speed is related to congestion.  As I wrote in my post, I had first signed up with Fido, Rogers' discount brand, and it had the same problem.  I did speak to a Fido tier 2 technician and that tech told me that he saw the modem was using only one of 24 availalbe channels.  My understanding is that a single channel can deliver up to a certain speed, and that the multiple channels are bonded to provide an aggreagte faster speed.  See this page:


So, I suspect that the Rogers CMTS is not properly configured. 


Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

1. Are you using Rogers' Modem?  If not, you should go to the Rogers store and get a Rogers Modem - it should be included in the overall price and should be tied to your account.


2. If you are using Rogers' Modem, then you're probably correct and there is a provisioning error (that's the term you should use) .


Although Rogers can sometimes provision an "outside" modem, there are often issues and Rogers now includes a modem/router with their internet plans to avoid those sorts of issues.

Re: Slow Speeds (30 down/ 2 up) on Ignite 100u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@voidmain,can you:


1.  Have a look at the back of the modem, specifically the product sticker to see what modem model you have.  It will be one of CGN3, CGN3ACR, CGN3AMR, CGN3ACSMR, CGNM-3552 or CODA-4582.  The last model is for gigabit service and is white in colour. 


2.  Log into the modem and determine the Software Version (Firmware) that is currently loaded;


3.  Navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the Downstream and Upstream tables and paste those into a post.  The copy and paste process will paste in the text contents of the tables, so you don't have to use a screen capture to post.


4.  Indicate if those speedtests are via ethernet or wifi.  If they are via wifi, can you redo them with an ethernet connected pc or laptop.  For the speedtests, please use the Toronto Rogers or Toronto Beanfield server if you're closer to Toronto than Montreal.  If you're on the Montreal side of the line, please use the Montreal Rogers or Montreal Fibrenoire site.  The Montreal Rogers site can be selected by first selecting "Settings" from the top menu.  Then, on the next page that is displayed, select Montreal Rogers from the Preferred Site drop down menu on the lower right hand side.  Hit Save, and then "Take a speed test" which takes you back to the speedtest page.  Select "Begin Test using your preferred server".


5.  Do you know if the issue was in fact escalated to Tier 2 techs?  A call to tech support might be required to confirm or deny that.  Tech support should be able to give you a ticket number that you can refer to in future conversations.


Please post all of that so we can determine what the problem might be. 

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